Creative Walls

  • Posted on: 6 May 2016
  • By: Gina

Do you love the old, warm, inviting look of New Orleans buildings?  Or old haciendas?  Old France?  Old Italy?  Or just old?  Want to have it in your home but don’t want to take a sledge hammer to your walls?  Faux paint it in!

Cruising Tips and Hints

  • Posted on: 5 March 2016
  • By: Gina

         Taking a cruise?  First time?  Tenth time?  Here’s a few ideas to help you be prepared.

  • What room is the best room to book.
    • Balcony rooms are more expensive than ocean view rooms.If you’re not really going to utilize that balcony, to sit in the morning for coffee, have room service bring you lunch, spend the afternoon there reading a good book, open a bottle of wine and watch the sunset, then don’t bother getting a balcony room.