Gina and Liz met while each were writing romance novels. After several years of attending weekly critique groups and publishing numerous novels, Liz popped the news that she was moving to Arizona as her husband had been transferred.  The world nearly ended!  But it didn't.  The writing continued, the phone calls and emails continued, and is still ongoing.

Liz is also a wonder at wood crafting    She designs all of her own projects, creates the patterns.. cuts them all herself, and paints them.  Everything from Christmas ornaments to Yard Art, to creative block sets for young and old, and everything in between that you could imagine.  She will even customize it just for her clients.  Then there are her signs...they are all unique, vary in size, color and sayings. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, some will make you smile....but each one  would dress up any room in your house!

Gina continued writing, then after throwing her energy into redesigning every room in her house, she went back to what she'd done years before.....oil painting.  She has created a lot of different types of scenes, from Civil war soldiers to scenes of Italy to Cowgirls on horseback and standing alone to the mountains of Sedona.  And in between that she dabbles in her own wood crafting, throwing in a little clay sculpting for good measure, a little jewelry design, and a bit of cork art, and a whole lot of cooking experimentation.

After so many years of such a great friendship one night they were sitting around eating popcorn and brownies and downing numerous cups of coffee, they hit on an idea....Happy Clutter.  Taking all of their ideas, and then some, and creating a website for artists of every type....painters, authors crafters, quilters, woodworkers, sculpturers, metal workers, chefs, doodlers, decorators, other words:  everybody.

It took a year of planning, working on pages, gathering info, learning how to create a website, throwing different ideas into the mix and discarding others, but finally Happy Clutter has become a reality.

And one last note.....Gina and her husband have just moved to Arizona, so now instead of being 1,000 miles apart and having to do everything over the phone and computer, they are once again sitting in one room, creating, talking, laughing, and eating brownies and popcorn and consuming numerous cups of coffee.