What do I do with these Guest Room Towels?

  • Posted on: 16 February 2017
  • By: Gina

Company's coming!  And you want to do something a little different with that guest bathroom.  You always just place their towels on the counter.  Blah!  A few on the towel rack...okay.  But what else can we do to perk up the towel offering?  

How about  rolling your towels and tucking them into a cute little box and then placing it on one end of your bathroom counter?  It's cute, it's tidy, and it's such a different idea.        

This box is just a plain little box purchased at the hobby store.  But it jazzes up that counter with a unique offering of towels and washing clothes.  If you're into crafts, you can also make a box out of a cardboard shoe box.  Just wrap it in some festive wrapping paper.  maybe even put a bow around it.  You can use a square planters box as well, with maybe a little ribbon.


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