Until Proven Guilty by J.A. Jance

  • Posted on: 14 March 2017
  • By: Gina

                                      This is the first book of a great series.

Murder, humor, tears and lots of edge of your seat twists and turns. If you loved Dirty Harry, you’ll adore “Beau”. 

He's part James Bond, part Dirty Harry, and maybe a tiny bit of Colombo.  An irrisistible combination.  Smart, gritty, dogged and determined.  You'll cry with him, laugh with him, and be just as determined to catch the bad guy as he is. Here are a few hints of what you're in for with Beau.......

 “The little girl was found with her pink nightgown twisted around her throat. She was only five. The woman who came to the funeral and threw a single rose on the little girl’s coffin was alive and beautiful. . .the kind of beautiful that Homicide Detective J. P. Beaumont couldn’t resist. Beau saw the little girl’s battered body. And he saw the insane eyes of the “Reverend” who ran Faith Tabernacle where little children were beaten and punished for the sake of salvation. J. P. Beaumont was certain he had his man . . . as certain as he was of the beautiful woman he wanted to spend his life with.

But lurking in the dark corners of this bizarre case was not just a demented mind obsessed with murder . . . not just a series of murders about to happen . . . but secrets so deadly, so close to Beaumont’s life, that even a street-tough cop could die guessing.”

Do not, I will repeat, do not pass up an opportunity to read this series. J.P. Beaumont is a mystery fan’s hero of heroes. J.A. Jance has brought the mystery readers world a detective who comes alive with his flaws, desires and determination to see justice done. The suspense will keep you riveted to each page, and when you finish Until Proven Guilty, I’ll bet you’ll want nothing more than to start the next book in the series. You’d don’t have to read them in order…but I’ll tell you a secret….it’s much more fun. And as a special treat I’ve listed all the books in the series so that when you are hooked on Beau, and believe me you will be after reading Until Proven Guilty, you can go find every one of them and keep Beau in your life for a long, long time. Happy Reading!



J.P. Beaumont mystery books, by J.A. Jance, and I've done my best to list them in order of their release:

Until Proven Guilty

Injustice for All

Trial by Fire

Taking the Fifth

Improbable Case

A More Perfect Union

Dismissed with Prejudice

Minor in Possession

Payment in Kind

Without due Process

Failure to Appear

Lying in Wait

Name Withheld

Breach of Duty

Birds of Prey

Partner in Crime

Long Time Gone

Justice Denied

Fire & Ice

Betrayal of Trust

Ring in the Dead

Second Watch

Stand Down

Dance of the Bones


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