Turn Old Lights Into New

  • Posted on: 4 August 2016
  • By: Liz

Why go out and pay a fortune for new lighting when you can so easily jazz up that old, boring chandelier.  It’s easy, quick, and light on the budget.

Crystals can jazz up just about anything, but they do wonders on an old chandelier that has seen better days.  Want more?  Buy a few new sconces to add to those crystals.  You will be amazed at what you can accomplish….and save money.

We took an old chandelier that was hanging in the kitchen and replaced it into a master bedroom.  We replaced the old, boring plain glass sconces with milky white "antique"  finished sconces.  Then we took Grecian Gold Rub n Buff  Metallic Finish” purchased in a small tube at our local hobby store, and rubbed it sporadically over the metal "arms and sconce holders of the chandelier. 

That "rusty" finished chandelier suddenly looked completely different, and with a lot more pizazz!

 Once the new finish was dry, we hung all the crystals.  As an added touch we took Mom’s old crystal necklace and draped it from arm to arm.  Wow, what a difference that little bit of work made….and we did it all in 30 minutes (it would have been shorter but we had to wait for the paint to dry.)

Now we have received dozens of compliments and inquiries from friends who didn't recognize that chandelier from the kitchen, and asked where we bought it, because they wanted one too!

Funny how just a little ingenuity and work can change an old, boring household furnishing into something with a whole new look.  And you have the satisfaction that you did it yourself!



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