Traveling Tidbits and Info....Italian Style!

  • Posted on: 6 March 2017
  • By: Gina

Ah....You're thinking of traveling to Italy.  Or maybe you've already decided you definitely are going.  Well, here's a few things you might want to know before you arrive........…….                                                         

The Leaning Tower of Pisa    leans almost 13 feet to the south. So, when you decide to climb to the top, be careful.  Oh, and don't be shy about taking one of those corny pictures of you holding up the Tower, everyone does it.

From December 27 to December 31 store windows in Rome are decorated with red boxer shorts, red underpants and red lingerie because according to tradition, wearing red underwear on New Year’s eve and throwing it away the next day insures you will have good luck in the new year! 

You may not see many public toilets in Rome, but know this…..all those cafes are required by law to allow non customers to use their facilities.  Wellllll, okay, maybe this isn't a picture of a cafe or their modern toilets, far from it.... it's actually a public toilet from ancient Rome.   Oh, Ugh.....think I'd go behind a bush!!!!


In almost any café in Italy, the price of a drink…coffee, cocktail or glass of wine,      varies depending on where you drink it.  It costs you less if you order and stand at the bar.   More if you sit at a table.  And even more if that table is on the sidewalk or terrace.

Going to Venice?      Love fish for dinner?    Make your reservations for Tuesday thru Saturday.  Why?  The fish merchants at the Rialto Market take Sunday and Monday off so most likely fish served on Monday would have been purchased on Saturday.  Not exactly “fresh”.

The best view of the Sistine Chape art is if you lay on the floor.   However, you would probably get trampled on, or tripped over,  by crowds of other people.  so, bring binoculars.

$3,000 Euros,  approximately, is collected from the Trevi Fountain every night and ends up in the coffers of the town council. Foreign currency is usually donated to the Red Cross.

Throw one coin over your left shoulder using your right hand, into the Trevi Fountain and myth says you will return to the Eternal City (Rome).  Throw two coins and you will soon be married.  But beware….throw three coins and your marriage will result in divorce!


Where did broccoli come from?  Natural plant?  No.  It was created by crossing cauliflower with rabe.  Who did this?  The family of Albert R. Broccoli, who produced the 007 James Bond movies.


Supposedly the top place in Italy for having your pocket picked is Rome's No. 64 bus.       

So Beware!   

The Colosseum was built in an elliptical shape    to prevent the gladiators   from retreating to a corner, and so that spectators had an unobstructed view of all of the action in the arena.  50,000 people could be seated in the Colosseum during a gladiator fight, or other ancient event.

Over 200 feral cats call the Colosseum home, and are protected by law. 

250,000 People could sit at Circus Maximus to watch the chariot races.









The wonderful thing however, is that building a reproduction of Circus Maximus is now being considered.  Yippee!

And Last, at least for now, is.......ick, ick, ick!  In ancient Rome some woman darkened their eyebrows with a mash of crushed ant eggs. 


So, Happy Traveling.  Hope this info helped!!!





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