Traveling Through Time - What a Trip!!!!!

  • Posted on: 9 March 2017
  • By: Gina

Okay, so we’ve been fooling around this week….but we’re having fun!  And doing some of our favorite things….like goofing off, reading mysteries, eating, and gossiping, looking at home decor, shopping, etc, etc!!!!!  Last night I watched the pilot of a fantastic new series "Time After Time".  Wow, what a trip.  Jack the Ripper, after committing a murder, finds out the cops are closing in on him so he jumps into his friend H.G. Wells time machine and horror of all horrors, he zips himself to 2017.  Yes, right here with all of us in 2017!!

But, there's also another great "Time Travel" tv series on now, "Timeless".  And I love it.  A team of time travelers keep being sent back into the past to keep history from being changed by "the bad guy", who only wants to change history so he can get his wife back.  So, maybe he's not really all that bad, right?  But our time travelers have their own problems too, and reasons for going back, and back, and back.  One lost his wife, one lost her sister.  And maybe, just maybe they can find a way to reverse that.  Who knows?  That's why I keep watching.

But, as tempting as time travel would be....remember those people a few years ago, who time traveled and got Lost? Well, I wouldn't have wanted to be them, believe me.  Anyway, after watching Timeless, and Time After Time, I decided that I wanted to time travel too, but of course we don't have a time traveling machine which meant I had to improvise.  So, here goes:...................................

Pic One…..books and coffee, two favorites…..(what you can't see is the bowl of popcorn and plate of brownies....always a must when discussing books over coffee!!!)......and look at Gina’s hair. OMG!  6 inches tall if an inch!  Or is that just shadow???????  Betcha can't guess how long ago this pic was taken....and guess what!!! we're not telling!!!!  Let's just say we've been besties for a very, verrrrrrrry long time!!

Pic Two.....Looking a bit scruffy around the edges, but having a blast at one of Arizona's most fun spots.....Top Golf!  A little breeze, some great refreshment, a sunny afternoon, a couple of clubs and balls, and good friends....what better way to spend a day?!

Pic Three........ Another really fun day with a little bit of work (haha) thrown in for good measure.  Spent the day looking for treasures to bring to Happy Clutter, or turn into wonderful crafts, oh, and we so enjoyed talking to some of the most talented people who have booths at Junk in the Trunk so we can feature them and bring their special talents to your attention.  What a crazy, fun, busy day.  So much to see, so much to drool over, so many great ideas, and so many talented, wonderful, friendly people.   And you wouldn't believe what some of these people can make out of some old junky thing most people would just throw away!.  Can't wait til the show comes back  to Arizona so we can go                                       again!

Pic Four......Rawhide!  Always a fun place to visit.  It's not quite Tombstone, or Old Tucson Studios, rather it's an old west town reproduction set and a hoot to visit.  They have a really great steak house where you'll fit right in wearing your cowboy boots and jeans.  They bring in good entertainment, have special days and events all the time, cute little stores with souvenirs you just can't resist taking home, and their old time photo emporium is a hoot and a holler of a good time!  Dress up as a saloon doll, a madam, a schoolmarm, one of the town's rich hoity toity's, or even as Belle Starr, famous female outlaw of the west!   Of course dressing up for one of these old time phots is not a favorite past time of our husbands, but we love it.  Unfortunately, on this day the Photo Emporium wasn't open!  Boo hoo!!!  Oh well, on the good side, just means we have to come back!!!!  Yay!!!

Pic Five.....Oh, but wait......the Photo Emporium has decided to open. Oh, boy, oh boy, oh boy.  Best souvenir ever!!! This is a real trip back in time!   But no school marms, Miss Prim and Proper, or Miss Rich Hoity Toity's for us.  No siree.  Give us the saloon, a good drink, some great honky tonk piano music and our best saloon doll garbs......and time traveling we will go......!  If you haven't tried it, make sure you do.  Just getting in those old style outfits is one heck of a lot of fun.  You'll laugh so hard it will be difficult to keep the smiles off your faces for the photo...but you must...because that's what makes                                       them look authentic! 

Well, I think that's enough time traveling for now.  Hope you've enjoyed the trip with us.




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