Thanksgiving is over...sigh...Now the Countdown to Christmas!

  • Posted on: 25 November 2016
  • By: Gina

Oh Gosh, Thanksgiving is over. Leftover Turkey, dressing, carrots, dinner rolls and cranberry sauce are stuffed into my refrigerator, not to mention one and a half pumpkin pies and whip cream. I think we’ll be having Thanksgiving dinners for awhile at my house. Jack and I had a busy but small dinner this year in our new home. We were joined by our son John and his wife Brenda for Thanksgiving week, so, we’ve been traveling around the countryside showing off sights in our new home state. But while Jack and I were cooking for four, poor Liz was cooking for nine! We were invited to her place but I didn’t want to add more melees to the melee, even tho it would have been heck of fun!

So, where did we take our guests? Where they wanted to go naturally. Pima Air Museum. The Airplane Boneyard, Moffett Air Field, the Titan Missile Center, and Old Tucson Studios. We would have gone down to Bisbee and Tombstone, but alas, we ran out of time. Anyway, have you ever been to Old Tucson Studios, where they filmed so many of the old cowboy movies and television shows, as well as a host of non-western films? Well, if you haven’t, don’t miss it if you ever come to Arizona. It’s a hoot! Gun fights, stagecoaches, bank robbers, cancan dancers, horseback riding, cowboy poets, cardsharps, storytellers….and sarsaparilla! It’s definitely a day of fun in the sun for adults and kids.

But watch for our Travel tips page, in 2017 I’ll be doing a complete workup on what to do and see in Arizona soon… well as more on New Orleans, and Montana, Wyoming, Mississippi, S. Dakota, Italy, France, England, Scotland, Germany, the Panama Canal, Alaska, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Or at least I’m going to try to fit that all's a sampling.....


     Anyway, my family and I went all over the place, ate ourselves silly on Thanksgiving Day, and then crashed and watched a movie. London Has Fallen, with Gerard Butler.

That one will keep you on the edge of your seats for the full duration. What a thriller. The four of us were glued to the screen. Talk about action. Action, action, action from minute one to the last second. And a great ending. Now, it's not academy award material but hey, its action, entertainment, and Gerard Butler. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched a movie and been disappointed in the ending. I sometimes wonder what is wrong with these Hollywood people, or authors, who write a great story and then write a horrid ending. Makes me want to get them in a room and ask them what in blazes they were thinking.

And talk about the crazies in Hollywood. Have any of you watched a television series called Longmire? Yes? No? well, if you haven’t, you have been missing one of the greatest series on television. It’s set in Wyoming, a modern day western that has great story lines, great actions, and beautiful scenery. Talk about a hero. Longmire makes you want to sigh, while his Deputy Vic (that’s a woman, by the way), comes off tough as nails but really has a softies heart. And Deputy Ferg is just a big, lovable teddy bear of a guy, while Henry Standing Bear is an Indian you’d just love to meet, look into his heart of gold, and have a drink with.


One drawback, you need Netflix to see it. It was on A & E it’s first three seasons, and in that networks ultimate show of stupidity, they cancelled it, even though it was their highest rated show, and one of the highest rated shows on all of television at the time. Talk about outrage on the internet. But Netflix show their smarts, bought the rights, and Longmire has now just debuted their fifth season. Again, if you want to really enjoy a terrific television series, tune into Season One Episode one and enjoy the ride. You will not be disappointed. Quite the contrary.

Well, back to what’s been going on. In-between all the Thanksgiving stuff and traveling around the countryside, and talking on the phone to all my family and friends back in California, I managed to sneak in a few hours of crafting, some of which will show up next month here on Happy Clutter. Snowmen, Santas, Elves, Poinsettias, Christmas Bells and wreaths and ornaments…..and those are just mine. Wait til you see what Liz has been working on. Some mind blowing signs and ornaments!!!! They are so cute I want them for myself.

And we have a ton of stuff planned for December………and more than a ton planned for 2017. Surprises galore. We will have a lot of DIY crafts, which we will show you how to make, and you will be able to buy pre packaged kits with everything included so that you can make the item yourself. Don’t want to? Then buy our already made ones. We will have the same for jewelry, woodworking, clay modeling, scrapbooking, card making, and so, so much more.

Oh, and videos. We are working to bring you the best little videos in the country. So, watch for all of that and more after the New Year.

And we have rounded up a slew of talented artists that will be featured right here on HC next year. Crafters who work with mixed media, material, beads, oils, watercolors, acrylics, buttons and bows, needlework, antiques….the list just goes on and on. Well, that’s it for now. Some of that left over turkey is calling!

Ciao, Gina


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