The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry

  • Posted on: 12 May 2017
  • By: Gina

This is one fantastic read. Suspenseful, thrilling, gripping. Not just for awhile, but throughout every page. This book is an absolute “can’t put it down!” book. Full of history, mystery, sadness, puzzles, wonders, events that will make you cry, laugh, and wonder. And our hero, Cotton Malone, one time U.S. operative, takes it all in stride, guiding us through the realm of mystery.

Never heard of the Knights Templar? Read my friends, and learn. Yes this book is fiction, but there is a lot of true history woven into each line on every page.  

The Knights Templar were a huge part of history in Europe, and some people even believe that some of them came to the U.S. once they were forced out of Europe. Now, however, many people have never heard of them. Why? Because this part of history is not taught in schools, this is the type of history you must seek out to learn about.  

But…not here. As I said, this is a compelling fictional story that uses a lot of history within its story. So in The Templar Legacy, you will learn some history, and have a great time reading a great book. Every clue, every puzzle, every page will have you in its grip. And here is a little bit of story to get you hooked……

Onetime U.S. operative Cotton Malone teams up with his former supervisor, Stephanie Nelle, to find the legendary cache of wealthy and forbidden knowledge thought to have been lost forever when the Knights Templar were exterminated in the fourteenth century. Nelle is armed with vital clues to a series of centuries old puzzles scattered across Europe, but also in pursuit of the historic prize is a shadowy zealot with an army of assassins at his command. At the end of the trail lies a discovery that could rock the civilized world….and, in the wrong hands, bring it to its knees.

Hooked yet???????

If you love history, mysteries, thrillers, suspense, religious conspiracies, a story with a mind boggling amount of twists and turns, cliff hangers, and…if you loved the Da Vinci Code……read The Templar Legacy!

I couldn’t put it down!!!!! Honestly, I was so enthralled with this book I forgot to go to bed that night. I just kept on reading into the wee hours, and loved every minute of it. When I got to the last page I was actually disappointed there were no more chapters. I just wanted this tory to go on and on. Oh, but one warning…..if you’re at all like me….you’ll get hooked on reading more and more stories featuring the Knights Templar. There are a lot out there, and some are fantastic. And I’ll be telling you about them in the future. But for now, grab The Templar Legacy…..and happy reading!!!!!!!

And here's a little bit of truth to get you interested in The Knights.....Friday the 13th.  Know how it came to be?  It was the day that the King of France and the Arch Bishop of the Catholic church had the Knights rounded up and accused of heresy.  Why?  Oh, my friend, that is a bit of history you should seek out for yourself.  Happy Hunting and Reading.


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