Super Power Foods

  • Posted on: 30 June 2016
  • By: Liz

When we are young we think we are invincible, but as we age we find that we are not so bullet proof and need all the assistance we can get on protecting this vehicle we call our bodies.

Doing a little research on line, Gina came across all of these food items that we can eat in every day meals.  So, if you haven't had one of these body protecting foods, or don't eat them regularly, maybe you should plan a meal or two or three with some of them soon.

1)  Carrots - Rabbits love them and so should we.  This bright orange veggie has high levels of vitamin A and beta carotenes to fight inflammation, and antioxidants to shield cells from free radical damage.

2)  Eggs - Doctors can't agree...they're good for us/they're not good for us.   Every year they change their minds.  But one thing is for certain, Eggs are omega 3 fortified and their fatty acids help fight migraines. So if you love eggs and suffer from migraines, eat on.

3)  Brussel Sprouts - A lot of people say...ugh to sprouts...but these little balls of green can be delicious when steamed and covered with melted butter.  And they are an excellent source of fiber and can significantly lower bad cholesterol.

4)  Wild Salmon - This beautiful pink fish helps fight Diabetes and cardio vascular disease and improves brain performance, and all the while it's also helping to reduce your cholesterol level. And it tastes good too...whether steamed, broiled, blackened, grilled, stuffed, covered with sauce, or lemon juice. Yummy.

5)  Beans - all beans..pinto, black, chili, green, kidney, garbanzo, or whatever... are loaded with magnesium, and if you have headaches this is a real helper, and remember...deficiencies in magnesium have been linked to migraines. And if they make you feel bloated, use a little Beano. It works.

6)  Red Bell Peppers - Everyone goes after the green ones....but it's the red ones that have a little hidden aide to your health.  Eat them raw, in salads, chop them up and sprinkle on your potatoes, your eggs, or whatever, and they'll go to work in your body to help you in your fight against arthritis.

7)  Oatmeal--This great breakfast food not only fills you up for the morning, but while it's doing that its helping to fight heart disease, and it doesn't matter whether you're eating steel cut, rolled or instant oatmeal, all are packed with filling soluble fibers.

8)  Bananas - A little Yellow Magic  They are rich in magnesium and potassium, which works together to practically manage your blood pressure and fight cardiovascular disease.  As an added bonus, the oils in bananas can aide you as a hangover prevention.  Remember that the next time you're getting ready to a banana before you head out.  And, if they go bad before you can eat all that you bought, make banana bread.  Want a great recipe for it?  We'll post it soon.

10)  Turkey - This gobbler helps fight diabetes.  Its proteins are slow in absorbing carbs into the bloodstream which prevents a spike in blood sugar levels. So don't just fix him for the holidays, have a little turkey in June at your next BBQ, or buy a hunk and throw it in the oven any time during the year.  Make a sandwich, use it for tacos, throw slices it into a salad.

11)  Oranges - Not only is this fruit's Vitamin C content good for colds and boosting your immune system, it also helps in the fight against arthritis, and because of its high content of beta cryptoxanthin- it helps reduce the risk for inflammatory disease and pain.


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