Summers coming and that means it’s Cool, Refreshing Salad Time!!

  • Posted on: 16 October 2017
  • By: Gina

Spinach and Strawberries! Oh, Yum!!!! Can’t get much more refreshing than this one. It basically screams SUMMER!!! And it’s healthy and great tasting at the same time. And a beautiful presentation! What more could you ask for? And your guests will love it…….


10 or 12 oz bag of spinach.                                                                                                        

Two small boxes of fresh Strawberries                                  

½ cup of slice Almonds or Walnuts                                      

Half of a 6 oz bag of Salad Tortilla strips (optional).            

Half cup Feta Cheese                                                          

Store bought Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing (I personally love Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing or Balsamic Sweet & Complex.)

Now let’s make our salad……………………….                                                                

Spinach – place in a colander and spray wash with cold water.                                           Cut stems off and throw away. Place Spinach in Serving Bowl.                                        

Strawberries – wash in cold water. Cut off stems and leaves. Bore out the white centers and cut strawberries in half.                                                                                                         Add strawberries to Spinach, along with Almonds or Walnuts and Tortilla Strips (if you want).                                                                       Toss in your Vinaigrette dressing, sprinkle on the Feta Cheese, and serve…..

Or Serve, with Dressing on side.


Divide into serving bowls, with dressing on side.

PS: If strawberries aren’t in season, try Cranberries, they are delicious in this salad. You can also try mandarin oranges, peaches, apples, blueberries, even pineapple slices.

And for even more of a treat add shredded chicken, and some sweet purple onion.

And……..Have you ever had WARM spinach salad. I know, that sounds awful, but…surprise, surprise, it’s actually very good. Try it.




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