Summer Surprises

  • Posted on: 10 August 2017
  • By: Gina

Whoa,,,,,,,,summer is proving to be a beautiful one. Our temperatures have soared to over 100 degrees several times here in Arizona, we've had lightning storms, some terrific rain/thunder/lightning stores that have knocked down a  number of trees just in my neighborhood.  But summer days are  numbered now as we are already in the midst of August.  I let the dogs out at 8 a.m., and the temperature gauge said it was already 90 degrees today. May be in for a really hot one today. Goody. I love hot!!!! One of the reasons I moved to Arizona, to get away from that California rain, wind, and more cool or cold days than hot ones.  Born and raised there, but it was time for a change!  Do I miss it?  My family and friends, yes....California, no.  I saw everything there was to see there, did everything there was to do, and wanted some new challenges.  So, anyway, here I am, and let's get on with the show.

So, what’s new here in HC land? Lots of things. Liz has been working like a mad woman on several different craft projects. And we have been lining up some great bargains for you crafters…… Vinyl, scrapbook papers, stickers, paint brushes, glues, jewelry pieces, you name it… will be coming your way in the next couple of months….and everything will be at bargain prices. We're working like mad on this project, and once we get it ready, that little “store” will be open for business just for you. And if it doesn’t have what you want….ask for it and we’ll do our best to get it for you.

And we’ve got a lot more book reviews for you coming up, home décor, Travel Tips, and personal style as well…so keep tuned. We’re also hunting down antique treasures, antique jewelry is coming too, along with some new styles from Antonia Bracci.  But if you have anything on your "desire" list  that you want information on, want to purchase, or want to know how to make, just send us a description or picture of it and we’ll do the research, hunt down the item, or put on the "How To",  for you.  As for antiques, you never know what old things are stored away in boxes in the attic and what they are worth!! I know I have several things that were handed down in my family and their worth really surprised me.

Anyway, I (Gina) have had company at my house on and off over the past several months. Those California people just love to come visit….cause the weather is better here. (Laugh) But I love having them. Maybe they miss me as much as I miss them (hope, hope). Of course, we’ve made so many trips to Tombstone now my loving hubby groans any time I even mention the place. But I love it there, so I don’t mind going. I however groan whenever anyone wants to go to the missle site or the airplane museums. I think I can name every plane, bolt and whatever in both places now. (I’ll bring you info on those places shortly….doing a Arizona Travel Tips review, which I’ll post soon.) Don’t get me wrong, those places are absolutely fantastic….but I’ve been to them all at least a half dozen times!

And I've been traveling too.  Went to California for a family wedding and to visit other friends who haven’t been able to come here.  Everything was so beautiful, bride, groom, location....out in the country amid creeks, tall trees, flowers.   Then  it was off to Washington to visit a couple of Jack's kids, then we went into Idaho to have my little Chihuahua’s leg operated on. His knee had a problem and one of the best Vet surgeons dedicated to legs is there, so that’s where he  went, and he is doing fantastic.  So, if any of you  have a dog with any leg problems, please, please, send me an email and I'll give you the Vet's name and number.  He is terrific!.  It was a long way to go but I fully believe our animals are part of our family and we have to take care of them.  We wanted Peanut to be able to romp and play with a bad leg so we took the plunge, and we're so glad we did.  Now he's like a new little guy, running all over the house and yard and playing with his big brother Waldo.

Then, finally, we headed back home……..and  I've been hard at work planning our trip to Italy. Yep, I am going HOME. Can’t wait. I am so excited!!!!! Rome, Venice, Pisa, Milan, Genoa, Siena, Chianti, Florence, Sorrento, Rapallo, Muriaglio.......we'll be in all of them....and I'm so excited I just can't wait!!!!!!  It's been so long since I've been there, and I just want to go everywhere again....but.....unless my husband agreed to live there for a year or so, I'll never get to everywhere I want to go in Italy.  Oh well, such is life.  But, i can squeeze in as much as possible because we'll be there for a month.

Anyway, I can’t believe this year is zooming past so fast. Already August… Eeek, where do the days go?

So, as I mentioned earlier, we are going to be having craft supplies for you to purchase at discount rates…that will be coming very soon. Also, we are going to start a new Blog, dedicated to Crafting of all kinds. So we are really excited with all the expansion plans. Well dear HC friends, it’s time for me to get myself going on some of my projects, so I’ll bid you a happy goodbye for now.




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