Summer Sun, Shrimp Salad, and You!

  • Posted on: 7 April 2017
  • By: Gina

I know, we teased your taste buds with that intro, and now all you can think about is how do I make that salad.  Well, we won't tease you any longer.  So, here it is:

 Ingredients: (serves 4)

Two heads of Romaine Lettuce

One pound of Fresh Shrimp (deveined and peeled)

One Cucumber

4 or 5 Italian Tomatoes

1 can of Gabanzo Beans (some companies called them chick peas)

1 Green Bell Pepper

2 scallions

Ranch or Bleu Cheese Dressing

Now let's make it:Chop Lettuce into bite size strips

Slice Cucumber thinly

Slice Tomatoes into wedges

Slice Green Bell Pepper into thin strips

Chop scallions into small pieces

Drain Gabanzo Beans

Combine all in a large serving bowl with dressing on side.


PS: Serve with a nice warm slice of French Bread spread with butter and you have a delicious meal!!!

PSS:  Want to jazz this up even more?  Add mandarin oranges, or hard boiled eggs, or olives, or avocado, or corn, or tortilla strips, or radishes, lemon slice, lime slice....and the possibilities just keep on going.


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