Snazz up that empty spot in your house without spending a Lot.

  • Posted on: 10 August 2017
  • By: Gina

So what can we do to change our decor around?  Not spend a lot of money?  Yet have something that can wow your company and be a centerpiece, a conversation piece, an accent to something you already have but that needs one more little thing?  Oh, and let's not forget, and not cost a lot of money?  

How about bringing nature into your house?  There are so many ways to do that besides a bouquet of flowers.  That's pretty, but not very original, and if they are fresh flowers they aren't going to last that long.

Want to jazz up some Family room décor, but don’t want to spend a fortune. Here’s an idea. Maybe you have a couple of glass beverage containers, or bowls. Or, if you don’t, run to your local variety store, like Target, Kmart, or Walmart, or Kohls, or Hobby Lobby or Michaels, etc, and check out what they have. Usually you can find something pretty nifty that won’t break the pocketbook.

Then, start scouring the neighborhood. Lots, forests, beaches, desert, whatever you live near. Look for some driftwood, or old thick dead branches, seashells, or some interesting rocks. Just make sure there's no little bugs nestled into the crevices of what you find.  Don't want those in the house. Bring home your treasure, clean it off if need be, put them in your bowl(s), and find just that right spot for  it or them to be displayed. A few examples are: sofa table, end table, coffee table, fireplace mantel, or bookshelf. They all work beautifully. And you’ll have a  display and conversation piece that is guaranteed to be subtle, snazzy, brings a little bit of the outdoors indoors, and will draw attention for its unique simplicity.  Ta Da!!!!!


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