Snack Time! But not just any snack......Yummy Snack!!!

  • Posted on: 12 May 2017
  • By: Gina

Oh, this one is just all to easy. Zip, Zap, Poof.....and you're ready to eat. Peanut Butter....Apples.....and Chocolate. What more could a person want? Healthy and satisfying to your sweet tooth at the same time. Perfection! So, what do you do? Simple. You need....1 Apple (you pick the type), some peanut butter, (chunky or smooth) and some tiny baking Chocolate kisses. Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate....your choice. Slice the apple. Put a teaspoon of Peanut butter in his curved center, sprinkle with the chocolate pieces and.........EAT!   Or, you want to serve it to guests:  Put the apples around the edge of a plate, the peanut butter and chocolate in the center, and you have a nice dipping offer.  Told you it was simple. And sooooooooo yummy!

Want more?  How about drizzling the whole think with Caramel?

Or maybe add some Coconut?


Or raisins?

                                                                    Or Granola?

       The possibilities are endless!!!  Yet still Healthy!!!

                                                              Try it!!!!!!!!


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