Snack Jars with Chalk Paint Labels

  • Posted on: 12 September 2016
  • By: Liz

Do you have a game room, game area, movie room, or just a family room that serves as a do all be all for family activities?  You are looking for a simple way to store some treats for snacking or for putting out for a party.

These jars are perfect and so easy to make.


All you need are jars of your choice.  Here we have some apothecary jars in different sizes.  You can buy these jars at Target, maybe your grocery store in the kitchen section, I know I have seen them at Walmart as well.

The second item you need is chalk paint, we used black, but there are so many colors to use now that you can easily coordinate with your décor, and you will need a sponge paint brush.

Take your jar and lie it on its side and dip your sponge brush into your chalk paint and just brush it onto the side of your jar.  In this way you are just doing an abstract look, but if you want to be more formal, tape off a rectangle with blue paint tape and do several LIGHT coats of chalk paint to avoid bleed through under the tape.


Let your chalk paint cure for 24 hours before writing on it.  You can use a normal piece of chalk, I found some again at Walmart, 12 pieces for like 50 cents.

Now all you have to do is fill up those jars with the treats, snacks and staples you need in that game area and let the gaming begin.


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