• Posted on: 20 July 2017
  • By: Gina

What many of you don't know is that years ago I went to modeling school.  Though my schoold preferred to call themselves a finishing school, but it was all about learning to model.  And I did. I walked the walk at many department store modeling shows, luncheons, and  parties. I did a few brochure shoots, a few advertising shoots, and a few try outs for television shows (flopped at that last one - but I never said I could act.  Model yes, Act No.)

So, why am I not rich and famous like so many super models, you ask?  Because I'm 5'4".  A little too short for the big time.  Oh well, I dreamed.  But I learned a lot at the school and the jobs I did do, and I had fun.  But that's not what this article is about. Any way, other than walking, twirling, sitting, bending, posing, etc., we were taught a lot about makeup, and it's secrets.  So, I'm going to share one with you.  It's easy, it's not expensive, and it does work!

It's called a cover stick concealer.  It's been around for years, but your big time make up counters in your big time department stores and specialty makeup stores don't carry it.  Oh they probably have something like it there, but believe me it will cost you a lot more to purchase it there.

Instead, head to your local drugstore's cosmetics aisle.  Yep, that's what I said, your local drugstore's cosmetics aisle.

And there it be.  Cover Stick concealer.  Doesn't matter what brand you choose, it will work,  and it will be a lot less expensive than the stuff at the Department stores or Cosmetics stores.  A lot less.'s the "secret".......

White is for under the eyes, under the jowls if you have any,and  below each corner of your mouth.  Smooth it on, and smooth it in.  Don't overdue it or you'll look cakey and pasty.  Just smoooooooth it on.  You can also dab a bit under the tip of your nose to make it or accent it's perkyness. Then apply your face makeup over it.

Beige is for definition and covering blemished areas, discolored skin, scars, etc.  Apply to the top of your nose....from bridge of nose to tip, upper lip area just under nose, top ball of your chin, and maybe your cheeks if need be (like if you had acne as a kid). Again smooooooth it on, then apply your face makeup over it.

Green is for us olive toned people.  A little on the nose, maybe beside it if you have any blemishes, scars, or discoloration,  it can go a long way under your makeup. And it can be used around the nose and on cheeks instead of the beige.

A tube of these can last quite a while, because you are using it sparingly.  SPARINGLY.

And, if you have some frown marks above your nose that drive you nuts, try a white makeup pencil.  It's good for that, plus a little touch on your laugh lines, and maybe even a zippy line under your bottom lip.  And then apply your face make up.

Happy Make Up Time.  Hope this helps!!!


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