Silver Linings - By Cheryl Biggs

  • Posted on: 6 March 2016
  • By: Gina

Love historicals?  Westerns?  Heroines who stand up against all odds?  Heroes who are just “bad” enough to make you wish they’d walk into the room and offer you a smile…or more?

“A woman with grief in her heart……

Candace Gates Murdock was caught between a rock and a hard place.  Garth Murdock, two decades her senior, could have been Candace’s father and not her husband…yet she was married to him.  When Candace’s father died, Garth had sworn to care for her and the ranch, Gates End, until her brother was old enough to run it.  She was safe…but was safety enough when every fiber of her body yearned for a handsome young gunslinger---a man sure to steal her heart then ride off, shattering all her hopes and dreams…..

 A man with a price on his head…….

A hired gun, Range Connor had supposedly signed on with the Murdocks to ward off a water dispute, but it was a mystery from the past that had brought him back to the place where his mother had died a violent death.  Now, he was hungry for revenge, but he never dreamed of the shocking answers he would find—or the sapphire eyed woman who would make his wild, wandering heart ache with a love that would bring him home to stay.”

A historical with a twist that will keep you glued to each page, breathlessly anticipating the next.  A heroine who shows bravery against overwhelming odds, loyalty to a brother unjustly injured, and love beyond the deepest depths for a man who never thought he would find it, a man who others have long feared, hated, and shied away from.


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