Shoes, Shoes and Shoes....What Style are Designers Bringing Us This Year?

  • Posted on: 20 July 2017
  • By: Gina

  Okay, I love the color Orange.  And I love feathers.  And yes, chunky heels are pretty comfortable (remember they don't get stuck in the air crates on some sidewalks, and they don't sink into the grass when you're attending one of those fancy afternoon parties).  So, how about combining all three...feathers, orange, chunky heel, into one design?

Can you handle this one??????   Is it you?



And how about these boots?  I mean, talk about Star Wars, Star Trek, and every Superhero outfit ever imagined......Super Woman here you come!!!!!  And a little bare thigh to top them off is just what "sexy" is all about, right?




     And now we get a little more modest....or subtle.  Something to go with that "litte black dress" perhaps?  With just a hint of sexy thrown in with that silver tipped toe and silver stiletto heel.  Not bad ladies.....not bad at all. 



This one however has me stumped.  I mean, are we going for Valentine's

Day look?  Or maybe a party at the Royal Palace?  Monte Carlo?  Monaco?  Paris? 

I guess you could wear them just about anywhere when you want to

adorn yourself with Gold and fun.  They are kind of funky cool.


Now this one really blows my mind.  Gorgeous color, but that heel.  Or lack of heel.  I don't know which it is, I just know if I tried to wear this one I'd probably break my neck, fall off a curb, lean back and land on my tush, or whatever, but it definitely wouldn't end up being a pretty scenario.  It is interesting though.

Now this one is more me.  Beautiful toe, slender stiletto heels, and what a gorgeous covering of blue crystals.  Ah, to the ball I go.  So, where do I buy them? 

                                  I want them, I want them, I want them!!!!!

   Oh no, straps across my feet, nope.  I don't know about you, but wouldn't that make my feet look even longer than they already are?  And then Boots that look like they're made from grandma's yard woven rug?  And what about those red heels with the gold fringe on back.  Is she part of the Palace Guard?


Invisible Shoes?                                                 Socks with Heels?


Clunky Heels and Platform souls?  Are these shoes or boots?

                                                       I like the red Palace

                                                       Guard better.


  Advertise the Designer, or maybe the store where you bought them?


Now, these are definitely me.  In fact, I can remember wearing these exact same heels to my very first Executive Adminstrative Asst. job in San Francisco a number of years ago.  Hated the job, but I loved those leopard print heels.  Loved them so  much I wore them out, otherwise I'd still have them and they'd be right back in style.  FudgeNuts!  Although I never wore fishnet stockings.  But I guarantee, I see these in the store and they are definitely going to find there way into my basket, my car and my closet!!!!!


Okay, I love these boots.   Anyone remember this?????

 "These boots were made for walking, and that just what'll I'll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you!" 

Wow, you could do some serious walking over anyone with these beauties!!!!!


And there are more:

More red clunky heels, boots with travel stickers all over them (what better way to advertise where you've traveled to?), flowery sandals, diamond encrusted sandles, flower embroidered boots.....obviously, anything goes.  So, whatever your tastes....go for it.  And there are a lot more designs out there.  We just thought we'd bring you a few to mull over.



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