SHADOWS by Edna Buchanan

  • Posted on: 15 May 2017
  • By: Gina

“The Shadows is a historic 1920’s house that inspires preservationists dreams….and developers schemes.  Built during Prohibition by a notorious rumrummer who vanished at sea, it was inherited by his son, a local athlete and war hero who lived down his father’s wild reputation.

He served a successful term as Miami mayor and raised his four young children at the Shadows…until a shotgun ambush on a hot summer night forty four years ago.  His murder was never solved.  Since then, only secrets and whispers have inhabited the Shadows.”


Oh my, how I love these mysteries that delve back in time, playing back and forth, here and then.  And Edna Buchanan does it with such expertise it is fascinating.  But then Ms. Buchanan won the Pulitzer Prize for police reporting and the George Polk Award for Career Achievement in Journalism.  She is the author of fifteen books that have been translated into eleven languages.  Two received Edgar nomination.

Don’t miss this one.  It’s really a wonderful read.  I couldn’t put it down!

And just to tease you a bit more until you run out and get this book for your own:…………..

“Now, a resourceful young preservationist approaches the Miami Police Dept.’s Cold Case Squad to help block a developer’s plan to bulldoze the Shadows and build high rise towers.  The detectives visit the long abandoned pioneer house, now surrounded by a wild and overgrown subtropical forest.  They discover the rumrunner’s secret limestone cellar, a tunnel to Biscayne Bay, and seven small, heartbreaking new mysteries….a lost generation.

Cold Case Squad Lt. K.C. Riley and her detectives seek out the murdered man’s widow and children for answers.  All are evasive and paranoid, haunted by lies, guilt, and tangled pasts that each recalls differently.  Ultimately the squad finds that the killer is still out there, and the old, cold case is hotter than ever.”

Suspenseful!  Dark and mysterious!  A fascinating blend of long ago yesteryears mystery and today's desperate need to solve it.  This is one mystery you just have to read.




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