School Break, Hunting Sales, Going Crazy!!!!

  • Posted on: 21 March 2017
  • By: Gina

Hi all, Well, thought we’d update you on what’s new here at our houses. Just in case you were wondering. It’s been a really busy time. Just in case you didn't get it from the opening of this blog..... Kids out of school for break, one husband had surgery, another away on business, dozens of crafts to make, books to read, food to cook and so much more. What’s the more? Well, for one thing, I (Gina) have decided I want to buy an RV. Yep, that’s right. I’m tired of having to find pet care for my animals every time I want or need to be away from the house for a few days so my answer to that problem is to just load them all up and take them with me wherever I go, unless it’s on a plane or ship of course. Anyway, Jack and I have been scouring the countryside looking at RV’s, going to RV shows and just totally on the hunt for that “good deal”. Why so difficult? Because we both have a “want list” a mile long. First off, I prefer a dark painted exterior. I’m not big on white. Too blah. More important though, I wants a big television. Okay, that’s natural but…….I also want a fireplace. Really? A fireplace in an RV? Yes. I can forego it if I have to, but that would be one sad day in my life, or so I think.. And I want a dishwasher. And a washer and dryer. And preferably an oven. Oh, and of course a television in the bedroom. Oh, and one outside as well. Then there is storage space, have to have a lot of that for all the clothes I plan to travel with. (and then there’s the kitty litter, doggy potty pads….for just in case, cat and dog kibble, cat and dog canned food, dog toys, dog beds, cat beds), my crafting materials, painting materials, canvas’ and easel, computer and printer (naturally), CDs, some DVDs, and the list goes on and on. And that’s just my want list. Then there’s his. But of course his is more mechanical, so I won’t bore you with that info. Now you know why I’m on the hunt… there even an RV that has all of that and doesn’t cost a King’s Ransom? Doubt it! And in between the hours on the hunt, I’m trying to get my house ready for a party. My husband is from Washington, so we’ve joined a “Washington Club” that was started where we live. And there are a lot of former Washington residents here. So some of them decided to start a club so they could all get to know one another. And guess what!?.....they had meeting number one at a friend’s house. Now coming up is meeting no. 2, at MY house. So, it’s busy, busy, busy getting the house and yard in order. Remember, we just moved into our house in August, so there are still boxes to be unpacked, pictures to hang, etc. Maybe I shouldn’t have volunteered my house for that party. You think? Oh, well, I did and it’s coming up. And then there’s the Game Night we joined, and that is tonight, oh and I play Mahjongg on Wednesday, and then I’ll be at Liz’ house all day Thursday, and we have a neighborhood dinner Thursday night, I’m taking a painting class on Saturday and…..well you get the idea, my fingers are just in too many pots!!!! Oh, and shortly after that, just a few days in fact, my family is arriving for a visit. Oh my, busy isn’t the word. Maybe crazy? Okay, then what’s Liz up to you ask? That answer is simple………Children! Yes, that’s right. A house full of children, because school is on hiatus for a little break. (teachers do get a lot of vacation time, don’t they?.....but then I think they have to do a lot of paperwork while “on vacation”, at least according to one of my teacher friends who says its their “homework”). So children are home, childrens friends are coming over, and a few more are being “babysat” for those mothers who work and are caught off guard by these little “breaks”. So it’s Dayschool at Liz’s house. Oh my, better her than me….I think I’d lock myself in a closet!!! Maybe we should call it Happy Clutter School Break Place. And in spite of all the little pitter patters, giggling, screaming, running, crying etc., swirling about the house for eight to ten hours every day, Liz (and sometimes Gina) is managing to carry on with her crafting designs and other things for Happy Clutter. As she says, “it’s business as usual”, kids or no kids around. EEEEEK! So, there you have it. That’s what has been going on here in Sunny Arizona. Oh, and I do mean sunny. While those poor people back East are fighting blizzards, snow, ice and sleet, we are running around in tee shirts and shorts and basking in the sun. I played golf yesterday, all afternoon in the sun. What a treat. Today it’s off to Liz’s house for a few hours, and after that it’s off to El Mirage to continue the RV hunt. Maybe I’ll do a little article for you all about my experiences on that and what I’ve learned. We’ll see. Anyway, today Liz and I will be working hard on upcoming projects for you to see, so stay tuned. We have some great home decorating tips coming up, some really delicious recipes, and some great craft ideas. And if you haven’t visited our Etsy and/or Facebook Page, please do. You’ll see lots of crafts for sale there, including some of our previous Featured Artists crafts for sale.

So, until next time……stay Happy. Ciao, Gina

Update: I found an RV, drove it, decided to buy it, then hubby and I changed our minds! Crazy right? No, we spent all night discussing it and decided the floor plan just wasn’t going to work for us. So, beautiful as it was, we decided against it. I’m sure the dealer would like to kill us now, but no sense buying what’s not right. So, we’re still hunting. That “just right” one is out there somewhere, and I’m determined to find it!!!!! Oh, and I learned something during this hunt. Did you know that when an RV pulls a vehicle behind it, it’s called a “Toad”? Isn’t that a cute catchphrase? Towed……Toad. Okay, okay. Time to stop being silly and get to work!!!!!

OOps.....2nd Update. Liz is sick today. Just got a text saying “Don’t come! I’m sick!  Got the Yucks!"   Wow, and a housefull of kids, too!  I think I'll stay home.



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