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  • Posted on: 4 August 2016
  • By: Gina

Some women wear perfume every day.  Some only wear it on "special" occasions.  Some always wear the same scent. And some never wear it at all.  Why?  Maybe you can never decide what scent you like? What works for you?  Or just can’t find that “special” scent that says “You”?  Well read on.....because I believe this is the answer for you.  Bourbon French Parfums, in New Orleans, Louisiana is the perfect place to get “your own” special scent.

August Doussan came to New Orleans in 1843 and established Doussan French Perfumery in the Vieux Carre of New Orleans, catering to the citys leading families.  Remember, New Orleans has always been considered one of the most romantic cities in America.  The high living Creole culture from the Golden Age of the 19th century gave the city a reputation for all the finer things...good food, good drink, exquisite clothing, rich coffees, and exotic fragances....all important ingredients of the good life in New Orleans.

In 1991 Mary Eleftorea Behlar, who has the gift of La Nez (the nose) purchased the Perfumery and has continued the traditions which began with Doussan in 1843 and were continued and improved on during the years since.  All employees are trained to help customers choose the best essence for his or her own chemistry, and a Custom Blend Specialist is available to design a fragrance just for you. All recipes are mixed by hand in small batches, and judged individually.  And if you have a fragrance created just for you...that recipe will be recorded and kept in the store so that you can reorder any number of perfumes, powders, soaps.

I found Bourbon French Parfums on a visit to New Orleans years ago and believe me ladies (and gentlemen) they can solve all those "scent" problems...whether its a scent you've always wanted but couldn't find....or one you want made up just for you. On my first visit to Bourbon French Parfums I bought a sampler of different parfums, and loved them so much I have been back several times since.  

And their prices are very reasonable.  Get a set of four 1/8 oz bottles of a variety of parfumes for $20, or six bottles for $35. and try them for yourself.   

Magnolia, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Sweet Olive, White Gardenia, Lily of the Valley, KuKus, La Pluie, Mon Amour, La Vie Novelle, Voodoo Love, and Oriental Rose.  

Scents so wonderful you’ll be looking for every excuse you can think of to use them.

And did I forget to mention that they have colognes for men?  Six 1/8oz bottles for $25.  
525, Carre’, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Pluie, La Vie Nouveau, and Rum Royale.

Need even more information on Bourbon French Parfums?   Just go to their website at



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