SANTA FE RULES by Stuart Woods #1

  • Posted on: 16 October 2017
  • By: Gina

Successful Hollywood movie producer Wolf Willett is stunned when he happens to read his own obituary, and that of his young wife, and his best friend. Evidently, unbeknownst to him, they had been victims of a sordid triple homicide amid a steamy ménage a trois. In his house....while he was there.....and he has blacked out the entire night of the crime.

But how? Why? Who wants him dead? And since he's not, who is that lying dead in his guest bedroom who the police think is him?

And then things turn from bad to horribly bad! The Santa Fe D.A believes Wolf has all the answers, but won't reveal them. As far as the authorities are concerned, he has motive, opportunity, and an unbelievable memory loss. So, he is promptly arrested for a case that's making headlines throughout the country.

Then horribly bad turns to disastrous worst!  Another murder complicates the scenario.

With help from criminal attorney Ed Eagle, Wolf knows he must clear his name so as not to face New Mexico's death penalty for a crime he did not do.

Plus, he has to dodge the real killer, who evidently wants him dead and made a first class mistake in trying to accomplish that feat.

Friends.....if you like fast pace mysteries, a run for your life---find the real killer before he finds you----try to figure out why he wants you dead----and how to avoid it and catch him----story, this is one you'll love.

And here's a little secret.....once you finish this book, you'll just be itching for another, and guess what, there is one. No, make that more than one.


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