RAMPART STREET by David Fulmer

  • Posted on: 4 October 2017
  • By: Gina

He’s back…..!  Valentin St. Cyr, New Orleans detective extraordinare.  This book of Valentin’s is a scorcher.  Pulsating with twists, as hot blooded as New Orleans can be.  You’ll almost imagine you can hear the gutbucket sounds of the old ragtime rhythms, laughter and shouts pouring out of the long ago bars.  But you’ll also feel the darkness of that time, of this story, the sorrows and tears, the joys and everyday feelings of each character.  This book will take the reader on a bittersweet trip back to a New Orleans that used to be, and draw you into a complex web of murder, corruption and betrayal that comes so alive you’ll swear you are actually there, with Valentin, taking risks, searching for clues, solving the murder and mystery.

And to draw you into this story even deeper…..here’s a little more:

“The Maxwell swerved wildly to avoid a horse drawn hack at the intersection of South franklin street and went flying past the Leidenheimer Bakery and into the dark recess beyond, where the gas lamps had yet to be lit.  George felt the clutch in his guts as it dawned on him what was happening.  Kane had been snatched off the street, too.  Now it was his turn.

The driver turned so sharply off Melpomene that the right side tires almost came off the boulevard.  He cut down a gravel alley between two warehouses, where he threw the Maxwell into a skidding stop.  He cut the ignition switch and the four cylinders rattled into silence.  Before George could open his mouth to protest, the fellow at the wheel turned around with a pistol in his hand.  The goggles and hat stayed in place, and his collar was turned up so the details of his appearance were concealed, though George was so terrified, he likely wouldn’t have remembered them if they’d been in full view.

With a smooth motion, the driver laid the barrel of the pistol to rest on George’s brow, right between his eyes.

“If you call out, I’ll kill you.””

If you love New Orleans, Music, History, and Mystery………Read this award winner authors stories of Valenin St. Cyr.  I guarantee, you will not be able to put the book down,…..and you’ll be running, not walking, to the bookstore (or your computer), to search for his next book.




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