Personalize Your Walls

  • Posted on: 9 September 2016
  • By: Gina

Ever buy one of those nice paintings that have no frame because the painting wraps around the edge of the painters frame?  But you want that littled finishing touch to make it “just perfect”?

How about making a nice corner piece?!!! to accent that painting.

Here’s how:

Step one….decide what you want your corner piece to look like.

Step two…materials needed:  clay  (you can use air dry clay, or oven bake clay...your choice.)

       Get yourself a couple of different size knives (either buy plastic carving knives at your local hobby store, or use regular knives....a butter knife is handy too.)

       Get a pencil, and a good size square of tin foil.

Step three..draw out your design, then start molding your clay in pieces.

Step four...lay all of your pieces onto the tin foil, put on a cookie sheet and….if its bake clay---bake it.  If it’s air dry clay, leave it overnight to harden.

Step five…Paint it to your designed colors.  Varnish if desired.

Step six….attach a hook or velcro to hang.      And your done!!!!!


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