Painting a Room? A Chair? Anything? Here's a few Tips!

  • Posted on: 9 March 2017
  • By: Gina

So, you want to paint a room, or a chair, or a dresser, or whatever!   But you just dread the mess.  Paint spills, getting the paint out of those brushes, washing the paint tray.  Eck.  I hate that too.   Well, here are a few tips I've tripped across that should help you avoid those messes.  First, you’ve obviously spread some plastic painters floor tarp over the floor where you’re going to paint, but its so flimsy it moves whenever you step on it, right?     So, here's what you do to keep that from happening..........                                                     

Tip #1: Use some Painters Blue tape to secure the corners to the floor. 

 Cut a slit in the center of the plastic tarp and pull apart slightly, and then cover with Painters blue tape in order to secure the center of this covering to the floor.  


Now, Tip #2:  Set your can of paint in either a large, flat bottomed bowl or pan . (baking pans work wonderfully). This will eliminate drips from your brush onto the floor or plastic tarp if you’re painting straight from the can.

Tip #3: After you stir your paint, pull a very large, very strong rubber band from the center bottom of the can up to the center of the top of the can. You can use the rubber band to wipe your brush against and eliminate excess paint on it.

Tip #4:  If you're using a paint tray, pull a plastic bag (grocery or small garbage bags are great for this) over the entire paint tray. Pull ends together and secure under tray with a clip or a small piece of tape. Then pour paint into the tray. This way, once your are done, there is no paint in the tray to clean up because all you’re going to do is pull the bag off so that it goes (inside out) and captures all the remnants of paint inside.

Tip #5: Can’t stand that paint smell? Drop a little Vanilla Extract into your paint and stir vigorously. It will help eliminate that paint odor.

Tip#6:  Once you’re done with your painting job you want to make certain you clean those brushes. But don’t just clean them and toss them into a drawer or cabinet, because if you do, the next time you want to use them the bristles will be stiff as a board. Instead, wrap them in Aluminum foil to keep them from drying out too quickly. Especially if you plan to use them again soon. Now, turn on some music, put on your grubbies, and get to painting!!!


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