October Crafter Of The Month

  • Posted on: 1 October 2016
  • By: Liz

Our October Crafter Of The Month is Nicole DeHoet.  Born, raised and living in Iowa, this busy wife and mother of two boys manages to squeeze into her hectic schedule not only her crafting business, but is currently going to Graphic Design School and will graduate in 2017.  Designing her business logo is just one of the many talents she exhibits.

Nicole started her sign business when her youngest son was born four years ago.  She has always enjoyed drawing and has used not only what she learned in high school to move her art form forward, but as with many crafters, she is also self-taught.

Many crafters do not keep any of the items they create, Nicole is not any different.  She rarely keeps any of her own works and sells the majority of what she makes.  Though, she did say that she would like to eventually keep some to put into her home.  Crazy how crafters don’t keep a sample of what they make, but I do know that Nicole photographs her work.

Nicole started out hand painting and lettering her signs, but she found that it is a very time consuming way to create them.  Once she found out that she could use stencils to help speed up the process and have the ability to do multiple signs without having to spend the time hand lettering, she quickly changed how she made her signs. 

Her favorite signs to make are routered signs.  She especially likes making them because she can design her own items and create them as she envisions them.  She likes this medium best, finding she has more creativity with the design and can change them in ways that make each unique and original.

When not working on her school work, taking care of her two boys, keeping her business running or being the second half in a marriage, Nicole likes to watch stock car racing, and root for her favorit football team the Packers.  Actually as any die hard NFL fan, what more in a wife could a husband want than someone to root with him for the team?

If there were just a little bit more time in her days, Nicole would like to work with clay.  She very much enjoyed this medium when she was in high school and would love to work with it again.  You just never know, they say that if you want something done, give it to a busy person.  Nicole may just find a little time to pull a bit of sculpting into her rapporteur.  

If you are interested in seeing more of Nicole’s work, we would love for you to pop over to her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LittleBitDeHoetsArtsCrafts/ and check out what she is working on.  Like her page to keep up with any new items she is posting.  If you would like to shop and purchase any of Nicole’s signs, well, she has a webpage as all good businesses should have, hers is https://www.littlebitdehoetsartsandcrafts.com


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