The New Year Comith

  • Posted on: 26 December 2006
  • By: Liz

Christmas has come and Christmas has gone.  Gina is still in California and will not be home for several more days.  So it is up to me to hold down the website in her absence.  Try as I can, she does write better than I do ... she was after all a published author of many books.

Now that Christmas is over it is time to look towards the New Year.  Are you one who makes goals and resolutions?  Or are you one who says, I was fine last year, I will be fine next year too?  What ever your preference, the New Year is always a time of reflection.  We are putting to bed the year past and starting fresh and a new in the coming year.

Myself, I don't worry about resolutions, I am not very good at keeping them and the goals I have I need to fulfill and that takes enough of my energy.

Our resolutions here at Happy Clutter are to bring you more crafts, more recipes and news to make you think, have something new to create and eat.  Look for more Antiques and Oddities to help you wonder how we as people ever came up with those items and books to let you settle your mind into another world.

To resolution or not to resolution is always up to you.  We hope that one of those resolutions are to keep popping in to our website and see what new things we have and to follow us on Facebook, and hopefully our upcoming Twitter and Blog that Gina is envisioning.

On that note, Happy New Year and we will see you all here at Happy Clutter next year!!



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