Merry Christmas with a trip around the world!

  • Posted on: 2 December 2017
  • By: Gina

  Of course No one, but No one does Christmas like Disney.  Los Angeles, Calif. or  Orlando, Florida, both are great.  Toy Soldier, Santa, and more decorations and goodies than imaginable.  Doesn't matter how old you are, it's a place where age doesn't matter, make believe comes true, the unimaginable becomes reality, and joy is in the air 24/7.  The minute you walk in a smile appears on your face and will stay there until its time for you to go home!

Or how about Paris, France?  I mean, look at that Arch de Triump.  The place is a fairy tale of lights and dreams, and yummy food.  And don't forget to take a romantic ride down the river and see all the lights and decorations from a different angle.  You won't be disappointed!!!!!

  And of course, there is my most favorite place in the whole world... Italy.  You can't beat my ancestral home for romance, wine, and food that will make you want to just eat 24/7.  The Colosseum at night a is wonder to behold, as is the entire city.  But then there is also my other favorite Italy....Venice.  Bet you never saw Santa arrive on a Gondola.  Well, you will in Venice!  Because, well, its the way things get around there.  Santa just parks his sleigh and reindeer over on the mainland and hops himself a ride down the Grand Canal by gondola.

A sight you will never, ever see anywhere else.

Then there's merry ol' England.  Big Ben gets all decked out just for you.  Hot toddies are everywhere, and spirits are jolly!  See the double decker buses put on their wreaths and ribbons, the stores bring in everything imaginable you will drool over and just absolutely decide you can't live without.....but don't forget your jackets because December in London can get mighty cold.  Even with a hot toddy in hand.  

Santorini....  with views to die for while you sip your bubbly and enjoy that tropic air....  




           Or maybe you'd prefer Spain...with yummy food and Spanish traditions...

 Russia...Or Sweden  




Germany                       Or  Holland....




There are so many places to go, to see, and to celebrate in.  We know we've left out a lot, but we just can't do the entire world.  However, here's a few more places in the good old U.S. of A. that we just couldn't help but add on:

San Antonio, Texas!  

             New Orleans                             Louisiana!!!



Rockefellor Center,

New York...or 

       Washington D.C.


  So. California or                    New England









And Victorian Christmas in Nevada City, California. Craft fairs, carolers, horse and carriage rides, it's like walking into a time warp and coming out into the most enchanted place you can imagine. 




So, we've taken you on a Christmas tour of many, many special places.  Hope you enjoyed it, and maybe you'll even consider visiting a few.


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