• Posted on: 29 November 2017
  • By: Liz

We are prepping up for a wonderful end to the year.  Excitement is in the air as Christmas is our very favorite time of the year.  Ornaments, candy canes, Christmas trees, the smell of pine cones, peppermint, silver bells, tinsel, gingerbread, turkey and just everything Christmasy.  What a treat. 

And we have big plans for next year.  We've been a little slow here for the last couple of months, mainly because Liz and I have been on multiple vacations.  I went to Italy for a month plus and had a fantastic time, but then, that's where I'm from, so I  just love to go back as often as possible.  Venice, Rome, Tuscany, each is so different, and I love every place I go there.  Liz has been off to Wisconsin, Texas, and now she's off to Disneyland to enjoy their holiday festivities and decorations.  And I will be off again in two weeks for California to enjoy the holidays with friends and family there.

And even though we're still having nice weather here in Arizona, it is getting a bit colder as the days pass....though there is no hope here of a white Christmas, unless you have your ow n personal snow making machine.

So, what are our plans for next year?  Well, we will be baking up a storm and bring you all kinds of new recipes, we have both been crafting in all our spare time, we have also been haunting craft shows and estate sales to bring you new ideas and old treasures, AND.....we are planning on attending a lot of craft shows ourselves!!!!! with a nice Happy Clutter booth all of our own.  So, when we have dates and places on that, we will let you know and hope to see you there.

So, til later, enjoy the holidays and keep coming back to check on us.


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