Match Box Car Shelf

  • Posted on: 28 July 2017
  • By: Liz

This idea over all is great.  I went to Pintrest and popped in 'Matchbox Car Rack" into the search and I got a huge page of ideas.  You can see from the photo below.

So to make one of the ones that is in the preview sections, we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought two (2) of these shoe racks.








They are the SALT 3 Tier Wood Shoe Rack, cost online is about $15.00.


SALT 3 Tier Wood Shoe Rack

Can of spray paint, your color choice,

Screws to attach to the wall.



Take your 3 shelf units from the package and spray paint them the color you have choosen.  Discard the dowels, use for another craft, or give to a friend to use for a craft.  Dowels are always a useful item.

Once your spray paint has dried.  Select on the wall where to you will hang your car shelf.  You will want to keep enough room to place all 3 shelves on top of each other, so a dry run of how they will hang is a good idea.  Place them against the wall to see how high or low you need to attach them.

Lay the shelf so you have a flat surface for the car and with the dowel holes pointing outward towards you. Where the dowels go is where you will drill your screws through to attach to the wall. 

Use the level to make sure that the shelf is sitting straight on the wall, and the cars won't roll off once it is attached to the wall. 

Attached the other 2 racks in the same manner above or below your first rack.

Once all 3 shelves are attached to the wall, set up the cars to fill the rows.  Now, instead of hanging out in a box, on the floor or under the couch, your little guy will know where all his cars are and can get to them easily.



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