Making Tough Meat into an Awesome Treat

  • Posted on: 6 March 2017
  • By: Gina

You’re having company and you want to serve them a fantastic meal they’ll love. But you want to make certain that piece of beef you bought isn’t going to turn out nothing more than tough leather, right? Well, here’s the secret to avoiding that: Braise it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a rump roast, a flank steak, brisket, chuck, New York, tri tip, round steak, etc.  Braise it. Follow this tip and this meat can be more delicious, more tender, than some of the more expensive cuts ever could. So, start off by browning your meat…..and save that juice and all the little bits of meat that fill the bottom of your pan. Now transfer your meat to a dutch oven. Combine your meat juice/wine mixture with about 1 cup of beef broth and 1 cup of wine and pour over the meat in your dutch oven. Cover tightly and cook on low. You will know when it is done when you can easily slide a knife through the meat. And I do mean “easily”.

You can prepare this a day or two ahead of time and keep in the fridge, tighly wrapped with all the juices. Then warm everything slowly while your guests are chatting over hors de ouerves.

What to serve with this now delicious but didn’t break the bank beef presentation? How about a steamed broccoli sprinkled with Italian seasoning............





         and a nice big baked potato with all the fixings?





Or maybe a simple pasta............

                              and a nice big salad?





But believe it.....whatever you decide to serve with this meat…..the meat will be the star of the meal!!!!! And your guests will be dying to know how you got that meat to be so tender and utterly delicious.


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