Make Your Houseguest Feel Ultra Special.

  • Posted on: 29 May 2017
  • By: Gina

  Well, we already talked once about how to display towels in the guest room.  The previous article showed how to put them in a small wooden box.  But how about this one...a fancy platter and some ribbon. 

Or, maybe you have a seashell you found on the beach and have been wondering just what in heavens name to do to display it.  Well, wonder no more.  How about stuffing with some towels and wash clothes.  So different, so snazzy, and your guests will feel so special.

So there......Ta Da, a first glass display no matter how you do it.

But let's not stop with the towels.  Let's look at what else you can put in the guest bathroom to make your guests feel soooooo welcome.  Maybe a nice floral arrangement on a table or bureau in the guest bedroom.  Any kind...from cacti to flowers, from wild grasses to stalks of dried cotton. 

How about a beautiful mood lamp on an accent table?  You can find some not only at antique stores, but a lot of what not stores have them too, but you have to hunt for them.  The type here was popular back in the 40's and 50's.  A fan was attached inside near the top and the heat of the light made it turn.  When it did, the picture on the screen would move.  This one, of an old steam locomotive, is so beautiful when the smoke starts churning out of its chimney and the wheels start going round.

These were made in about every image you can imagine, from animals to ships, birds, ocean scenes, mountain scenes, and all are beautiful when lit.  And they produce a warmth of glow that can't be beat.

Maybe you'd like to offer your female guest some real luxury, with a nice array of special perfumes, all arranged on a gorgeous antique style mirrored tray and set on the make up table just for her.

Now, that's making someone feel special!  (And you can also do it for the gentleman guest with a little aftershave lotion, some cologne, and maybe some special hair shampoo.)

And there's always that offering of dessert that most of us just can't resist.  Especially if we find it sitting on the nightstand, or that little accent table in the guest room, just waiting for us and calling out our name.

Yummy, Yummy!!!


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