January Crafter Of The Month

  • Posted on: 1 January 2017
  • By: Liz

Our crafter to start the new year is Molly Altman.  She is currently finishing a degree in photography, but even before she started school, her eye through a camera lens showed her ability to find that perfect picture.

Molly is from Benicia, California.  She lives with her partner and is as any student and full time employee, extremely busy.  Her current position is working with autistic children at the local school.  She fills her empty hours with class work and outings to build her portfolio.

As with most young people her age, Molly is very fond of her phone and uses it frequently to take photos with, along with her canon camera. 

Raised with two brothers, she had to adopt sisters from the neighbor up the street from where she lived.  They moved away, but that move has not lessoned her love for these adopted sisters or their love for her.  Her one sister is wanting her to take photos of her children and partner’s children to do a Brady Bunch photo scheme.  Molly is certainly up to this challenge and we hope to show case this project as soon as it is finished.

Living in the Bay Area, Molly has many opportunities to photograph the beauty of the area and going to the Giants games to take action shots of her favorite team, the San Francisco Giants as they play.  Her goal is to eventually have the opportunity to photograph the team on the field as they play.

If you are interested, Molly does do personal photography for families, engagement photos, weddings and general interest.  Please go to her website or her facebook page and take a deeper look into her wonderful work.








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