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  • Posted on: 12 December 2016
  • By: Gina

Okay, we’re 12 days into December.  How many of you have finished your Christmas Shopping?


Liz and I are still working on that one.  I spent all day Saturday at the Mesa Mart, and I actually had a ball.  First time ever I had fun while Christmas shopping, but how could I not.  Mesa Mart has several hundred vendors, the prices are right, you can get just about anything you want there…..and everyone is so friendly and helpful.  I’d tell you what I bought everyone, but they’d read it here and then the surprise would be spoiled.  Just let me tell you, the stuff I bought was beautiful, well made, and the right prices.

How did we have a ball?  Well, my husband likes to shop, so that made the day pleasant.  Then we started to get hungry.  Mesa Mart has food stops in the middle of each very, very long aisle of vendors.  (there are four very long aisles with vendors packed on each side, and then more at each end.)  Anyway, we got ourselves a pizza and a couple of cokes, then found a table.  And……..they were having a live band performance.  All 60’s rock and roll.  Wow, people were really rocking out, dancing in the aisles, clapping and just having a great time.  It really was a great day.

But, did I finish shopping?  Well, yes and no.  I didn’t finish my Christmas shopping.  Too much time rocking out I guess.  Plus I wanted to get to the furniture store before it closed.  (see, I did shop more.)  We made it, and then picked out end tables for our family room, along with a matching smaller table to put my bronze Remington cowboy statue on.  Had to be a sturdy table because that boy and his horse on their marble base weight a ton.  So, we picked them out, but I had to go back Sunday to pick them up.  But first, a stop at Starbucks for a Chocolate Peppermint Latte.  Oh, yum, yum.  What a way to start the morning!  So, after picking up the furniture, had to do more Christmas shopping.  And go to lunch with a friend.  Then more Christmas shopping, and finally, I was exhausted, so we headed home.

And then it was time to finish decorating the house.  My tree took three days, but I did it.  Then I had to clear off the fireplace mantle and put up lights, greenery and ribbons, and of course hang stockings.  Then I had to find a place for my mother’s navity set, and another for my little lighted village, and yet another for my antique Santa, his miniature tree, and my moose candle holder.


It’s funny, but when you live in a house for twelve years everything has its place for the holiday.  Then you move, and you don’t have a clue where to put anything.  Where to put the tree?  The village?  The nativity scene.  What windows to put lights in.  Which outdoor tree to light, where to put the lighted snowmen, the Santa……..It took me eons just to decide where to put things, let alone get them all up and attached.  And then my outdoor lights failed to make it to Arizona.  Don’t know where they went, but it wasn’t here.  So I had to scramble and buy more.  I bought giant snowflakes.  Now in California my husband refused to put lights up on the house, so I used to just throw them up on a small tree we had, and loop them over the courtyard fence.  But here, now, he’s out there string snowflakes over the garage doors, hanging lights in the trees, placing lights on the courtyard pillars.  Obviously Arizona living agrees with him!  Here's Arizona in December.....80 degrees today!!!!!


But, am I done shopping?  No.  Every time I look at my list I realize I’ve forgotten someone. Drats, crows, and grinches.  And I only have two days left because we are headed for California for Christmas.  Gotta be with family, and that’s where they are all at.  So bright and early Friday morning, I say good morning to my house/pet sitter, jump in the car, and off we go.  Day after Christmas we head home to get ready for that New Year’s eve party we’re having in our brand new house!

My husband is ready to kill me,…..  “we’ve only been in our house four month and you’ve invited the entire neighborhood plus more?”   oh well, he’ll survive.  And I think he gets the urge to throttle me several times a week anyway, so what else is new?  Might as well ring out the year the right way (driving him nuts!)  


Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing all my California friends again.  We have dinners planned every single night with different people, then family on Christmas eve and day.  It’s really going to be great.  I hope all of you out there have great plans for the holidays.  It’s that time of year where everyone should have a smile on their face, generosity in their hearts, and lots and lots of love.

Here at Happy Clutter Liz and I have been busy.  We did our first craft show a week ago.  Boy, putting up the tent was a real arm buster.  I think I developed some new muscles.  It was a pleasant day, except every once in awhile a breeze would blow through our tent and knock something over.  That wasn’t fun.  Picking up Liz’s homemade signs, dashing about trying to catch my clay figurines to keep them from crashing down and ending up in a million pieces.  But, the day was good, money was made, fun was had, and we survived.

Other than than, Liz has made some terrific Christmas décor signs that you need to check out.  Absolutely adorable.  And I’ve got some nifty little wood and clay chimney Santas and snowmen.  We have homemade ornaments, wreaths, and some yum, yum Christmas food ideas.

So, that’s it folks.  Its almost midnight and I need my (cough, cough,) beauty sleep.

Until next time,




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