Italian Salad....Hey, Hey, Hey....Vero Italiano!

  • Posted on: 30 September 2017
  • By: Gina

Italian Salad…..I remember this salad being on our family table several times a week with dinner while I was growing up.  My dad's favorite.  He'd eat it anytime: for lunch by itself, with focaccia bread, with dinner, as dinner.  He didn't care, he just wanted to eat it.  Sometimes he'd slice his focaccia and make a sandwich with this salad. 

What more is there to say, except Try it!  It's super simple to make and an extremely pretty and colorful presentation.


1 can cooked string beans – drained

1 can kidney beans – drained

1 can gabanzo beans – drained

1 8 oz package cooked Salami (optional)

2 cups shredded Mozzarella cheese  

½ sweet purple onion, sliced

½ green or red bell pepper, sliced (or both) 

Add all ingredients together in large serving bowl and toss.

Our family used to make our own dressing of oil, vinegar and seasonings, but I’ll make it easy on you. Store bought Italian dressing works just fine. Pour a little on, but not much, then refrigerate the salad for about 15 minutes. Then serve, with more dressing on the side.


PS: Want to really go Italian? Serve this salad with Focaccia (Italian Bread). Can’t find it at your local stores? Okay…….Make your own. How? Easy Peasy……. (Check our my Focaccia Recipe.)

And, if you want even more to eat, check out our Pasta recipes!!!!


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