How to Refurbish Broken Christmas Ornaments

  • Posted on: 12 September 2016
  • By: Gina

Don’t, don't, don't throw those broken Christmas Ornaments Away!!!

Why not?  Because you can remake them into something absolutely original to you!

A little ingenuity, a little glue, and maybe a little paint, and you have a whole new ornament that no one else will ever have.

Look at this little guy.

He was a miniature soldier that hung on my tree every Christmas for years.  Then last year as I was taking him down he slipped out of my hands, hit the tile floor, and his little feet shattered.  I was so mad at myself.  I mean, a soldier with no feet? 

I was just about to throw him away when an idea struck.  I had some old red ball ornaments and a couple of them had lost their little metal tops that hold the wire loop for the hook.  They weren’t broken, I just couldn’t find their tops. And I had never remembered when Christmas shopping to look for replacement tops.  So for several years they'd just been sitting in my ornament storage box.  I figured, let's try to use them. Nothing tried, nothing gained, right?  And I had nothing to lose since soldier was broken and the red balls hadn't hung on a tree in years.

So, I took out my clay, glue  and paint, and started my "Christmas ornament reconstruction" project.  I took a few dollops of air dry clay and rolled them out flat, them shaped them on top of the red ornament and started making scallops to resemble snow.  Before it dried I plunged Mr. Soldiers legs into the clay, let it sit for awhile so the clay would start to set, then removed him and the clay from the ornament to allow the clay to completely dry.

Once the clay was dry and hard, I painted it white,  smeared tacky glue on the bottom of it and plopped it back onto the red ornament.  I few little dots of white paint on the ornament to resemble snow flakes, and…..Ta  Da…. two ornaments became one that is uniquely mine!

So remember, when you break an ornamment, try to do something unique with it rather than tossing it in the garbage can.  You can't figure out what to do with it?  Try giving it to your kids as a rainy day craft project.  Kids always come up with crazy ideas, and you'll probably love what they can do with a couple of broken Christmas ornaments.  And to top it off, once they've made their treasure, take out a magic marker and have them sign their name to it.  Now you have a real treasure, handmade by your own child.


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