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  • Posted on: 28 February 2017
  • By: Gina

Well, here in Arizona, the Sun is shining!  Yep, it’s been shorts and tee shirt weather.  Yep, it's time to get out there and get the legs tanned again.  Went sightseeing at Bryce Arboretum, absolutely gorgeous!  Trails and bridges, huge rock formations, bridges, benches, and just about every kind of cactus you can imagine.  Trees for shade and beauty, blooming flowers, vines covering tree made arches and man made arches.  If you’re anywhere near Superior, Az, stop and walk through the Arboretum, it really is beautiful, and so peaceful.  And there’s even a small art exhibit there, and plants for sale.

Feeling like ice cream, a shake, or maybe a sundae or root beer float?  Head up the road to Superior and stop at the ice cream shop.  But don’t blink as you drive down main street or you might miss it.  Cute little old time soda fountain, with $1.00 bills covering one wall from all the travelers who’ve stopped there.  And they make a killer sundae.

But if you’re hungry for more than ice cream, head back into Apache Junction to Mickey D’s restaurant where Route 66 is still alive and well.  Fantastic food, great atmosphere,…..it’s where the locals go and keep it a secret.  Oops, guess I let that cat out of the bag.

Well, while Liz and her brood went to Lego Land in San Diego this past weekend, I had a few new experiences.  Have you ever putted golf at night?  No?  Well, it’s a kick and a half.  I belong to a Lady Putters group, and they’re always looking at different things for us to do.  They came up with Moonlight Madness, and that’s exactly what it was.  Glow in the dark golf balls, glow sticks attached to your putters, one around your neck, and one around your wrist.  And then all the little flags that stuck out of the holes had glow sticks on their wooden poles.  If you’ve never “golfed” in the dark, it certainly is an experience, and a ton of laughs.  A private plane went overhead while we were out there and I’m sure he was scratching his head trying to figure out what all the little colors running around the ground were all about.  Maybe he thought he saw Aliens!

Also went to a new club meeting.  That was fun.   We live in a community where just about everyone is from somewhere else, including us.  I’ve met some wonderful women from Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, S. Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and just about every other state in the Union.  About a month or so ago several of my new friends decided to start a new club, for people from Washington.  Now, I’m not.  I’m born and raised California.  But my husband is born and raised Washington….so we qualified!   Had our first “meeting”, which was food and booze at our illustrious leaders house, which was gorgeous, and it was such fun!  We met more people from Washington, and I got drafted to have the next get together at my house, and I think there will be twice as many people, judging from the sign up sheet.  Oh, boy!

Found out today some of my California friends are heading for Europe soon, and I don’t get to go…boo hoo!  But, that’s okay, because they’re going in Spring (burr), and another couple, two of our bestest friends, are going with my hubby and me in late summer (warm and cozy time!).  Can’t wait.  I still have family in Italy and I hope to see them all again.

I’ve been working a lot on new things to bring to Happy Clutter, and so has Liz, and they’ll all be coming to you shortly.  New crafts, new recipes, new book reviews/recommendations, new décor ideas and some health hints.  Gotta keep those bods healthy and strong!

Oh, that reminds me.  I haven’t been exercising for awhile like I should be, so today I kicked my self in the tush (mentally) and got myself over to the line dancing class I haven’t been too in awhile.  Wow, lots of new faces.  But there were also some people I knew too.  Had a ball.  It really isn’t like exercising because you’re having fun so it’s not like work.  That’s why I really do love it.  I just got lazy for awhile.  But, I’m back!  If you haven’t tried it and want to find a fun way to exercise, try line dancing.  And no, it’s not all country music.  A lot of our music is rock, pop, even some classical.  And no, you don’t have to wear cowboy boots.  Just your tennies.  Be comfortable., but take a bottle of water, you’ll need it.

And if you haven't checked out our Etsy Store...please do!  SRDesigns has a ton of new stuff on there that I know you'll just fall in love with.   And they will customize alot of their products just for you.  Special colors, names, sayings.  All you have to do is ask!

Well, that’s about it for me tonight.  I hope you all have been having a good time in life, whatever you’re doing and wherever you live.  My new home in Arizona is absolutely fantastic.  Couldn’t have asked for better neighbors either.  They welcomed me with open arms and got me right into a bunch of activities.  I’m not a real extrovert, so that was wonderful for me.  I ended up in Lady Putters, which is a hoot, I go to line dancing (again), I’m in a mahjongg group (that’s a Chinese game for any of you who have never played it), We are on a bocce ball league, in a Trivia club, and I score for another Trivia club, oh, and the Washington Club.  So much to do, so little time!.  But my new neighbors, who are now my new best buddies, are wonderful.  So, if any of you are thinking of moving to Arizona, if you aren’t here already….come on down! 

And no, it is not 120 degrees every day.  We have winter too – tho not that much of it.  We have rain too—but not that much of it, and we have autumn leaves---for about 5 or 6 days.  Other than that it’s sunny!  Beautiful, beautiful skies.  Never seen anything like it.  Blue’s so crisp and blue, sunsets so striking they are awe inspiring, with oranges and picks and lavender colors.  And sunrises the same, bright yellow, bright orange, crispy blue!  Amazing!

Okay, I’ll stop now, you’re probably bored with me anyway.

But one last thing:

My sympathy to any of you in California suffering because of all the floods.  I have family who are slopping through mud and crud, so my heart goes out to you and yours.

And to the rest of your around the country who are down because of floods, snow, storms or whatever, keep smiling….summer is coming!






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