Happy 4th of July

  • Posted on: 4 July 2017
  • By: Liz

Hi everyone Well, Liz and I hope you have a wonderful and very safe 4th of July. Liz is home and at the office, and working deligently, watching kids and relishing the 108 degree Arizona heat.....hehehe, while I am in Sun Valley Idaho, surrounded by beautiful mountains, tall forest trees and 70 degrees.

Not all fun and games here tho...I'm actually here to have my chihuahua's leg operated on. He has a floating patilla (kneecap)so he needs it fixed so he can walk properly, and the best doctor for the job is here. Stopped in California to see all my family and friends, then Seattle to visit more family and now here. Can't wait to get home,love up my kittys, and get back to work with Liz! So have a wonderful 4th, enjoy your BBQ, fireworks, party, or quiet time at home.....whatever it is your doing, and stay safe!!!!!

Caio, Gina and Liz


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