Halloween Boo Block!

  • Posted on: 6 May 2016
  • By: Gina


2X3 or 2X4 block of wood approx 8"

3 nails - 2 or 3" finishing nail is perfect

Black, orange and white paint

Air Dry Clay - white

Varnish for ghosts

Sealer for wood

E6000 glue


To start, sand your wood block to make it nice and smooth, then seal your wood with a wood sealer.  I myself like Delta All Purpose Sealer.  It is a general purpose sealer that you can use on terra cotta, paper mache, plaster, bisque and most pourous surfaces.  Give your block another light sanding to remove any raised wood from the sealer.  Paint your wood black or orange or white to match your Halloween decor.  Once dry, sand lightly with a small piece brown paper bag, this is a nice fine sandpaper that will remove anymore raised wood from painting. 

While waiting for the block to dry, roll your clay into three small balls and start shaping your ghosts.  Daddy, Mommy and Lil Ghost.  Once you have them the way you want, take your nail and push into bottom of each ghost to make your holes.  Then remove nails and set the ghosts aside aside to dry overnight.

Next day, stencil or draw "Boo and an exclamation mark" onto your painted wood, then paint the wording orange....or whatever color you choose.  Seal with sealer of your choice.  I like Delta Matte or Satin finish.  It is for interior or exterior use.  Position the nails for your ghosts and nail them into the block at the top.

Drop glue into the holes made into the bottom of the ghosts and settle them onto the nails.  Once dry, paint your ghosts.  If you want, varnish the ghosts once their paint has dried.

Ta Da.......you're done!   A quick and easy project for any beginner crafter.

Couple hints:

If you live where there is construction of new homes, go check out the dumpsters, sometimes they have 2X4, 2X6 2X3 chunks of wood lying around the dumpster.  These are perfect small project pieces that you can cut with a hand saw quite easily.

Finishing nails are the nails that have little to no head.  They are not the big circle headed construction nails.  Your father or father-in-law, husband, boyfriend or good old family friend may have a small pile in a drawer or bin in their garage or shop.  Ask for a couple the length you need.

Sand paper hints.  For getting a nice smooth finish on a wood project just a 80 grit paper, that will break down the roughness quickly.  To start getting a fine smooth texture, use 100 or 120 grit.  Finally, the cheapest and easiest sand paper to use after painting on a wood surface, that doesn't leave any marks, get a brown paper bag.  Yes, brown paper bag.  Finest grit paper you can ever use on a finished painted surface.

Air dry clay is fairly maulable and easy to work with.  To get a nice surface, just use the pad of your thumb to smooth any marks away.  This is NOT a clay you use water with.



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