Every Elvis Fan knows how Special August Is.....

  • Posted on: 21 August 2017
  • By: Gina

Elvis Presley was one of the most gifted performers who ever lived.  Beautiful voice, beautiful spirit, and beautiful heart.  He was handsome, talented, patriotic, and generous to a fault.  He made movies fun, he sang rock n roll, gospel, and blues.  He entertained us, loved us, and left us much too soon.  But Elvis will live on forever, because his legend is that strong and deep.

But, you think you know ALL about him?  Well, test yourself below.  Some of the questions are easy, some will make you think long and hard.  But you're an Elvis fan, right?  So you most likely know all of the answers here.  And if you don't, you will by the time you're done, because the answers are listed after the questions.  But don't cheat.  Test your knowledge of The King, and don't look at the answers until you're done.

 1. Who said “Before Elvis, there was nothing?”

2. What is the name of Elvis’ home?

3. What was the name of Elvis’ wife?

4. How many children did Elvis have?

5. What is Elvis’ daughter’s name?

6. How many years was Elvis married, in total?


7. Where was Elvis stationed while in the Army?

8. What was the age of his mother when she died?

9. What was Elvis’s first movie?

10. Who was Elvis’s manager?

11. How old was Elvis when he died?

12. What was his mother’s name?

13. What was his father’s name?

14. What was his brother’s name?

15. What was the age of his brother when he died?

16. What was the name of the aunt who lived with him?

17. Where were Elvis and his brother born?

18. What was Elvis’ real name?

19. Where is Elvis buried?

20. How old would Elvis be today if he were still alive?

21. Who else is buried beside Elvis?

22. How many grandchildren does Elvis have?

23. What costar called Elvis her “soulmate”?


24. What President did Elvis visit in the White House?

25. Where was Elvis’s second home?

26. What unusual feature borders the door to Elvis’s “Piano” room?

27. Where did Elvis die?

28. What nickname was given to his friends and male employees?

29. What is in the outbuildings behind his home? 1.______2._______3.________.

30. What was his middle name?

31. What high school did Elvis attend?

32. What rank did Elvis hold in Army?

33. What was the name of Elvis’ “Comeback Special”?

34. In 1977 Elvis said” Rock n’ roll has been around for many years. It used to be called _____________?

35. What is “Elvis sandwich”?

36. What is the address where Elvis’ star is on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

37. Who starred with Elvis in Viva Las Vegas?

38. In what year was Lisa Marie Presley born?

39. What was the name of Elvis’ stepmother?

40. Which costar became a Benedictine nun?

41. Who shared a room with Elvis’ aunt?

42. What is the address of Graceland?

43. On average, how many people visit Graceland per year?

44. What still hangs on a peg board in the closet off the kitchen?

45. Who is Graceland named after?


OKAY...DONE?  Now I suppose you want some answers?

  1. John Lennon
  2. Graceland
  3. Priscilla Beaulieu
  4. one
  5. Lisa Marie
  6. six
  7. Germany
  8. 46
  9. Love me Tender
  10. Colonel Tom Parker
  11. 42
  12. Gladys
  13. Vernon
  14. Jessie Garon
  15. 0, stillborn
  16. Delta Mae Biggs
  17. Tupelo, Miss
  18. Elvis Aaron Presley
  19. Graceland
  20. 82 years
  21. Vernon, Gladys, Minnie Mae (father, mother, grandmother)
  22. 3
  23. Ann Margaret
  24. Nixon
  25. Los Angeles
  26. Stained glass peacocks
  27. Graceland
  28. Memphis Mafia
  29. Trophies, jumpsuits, charity honors
  30. Aaron
  31. Humes
  32. Sergeant
  33. Elvis
  34. rhythm and blues
  35. peanut butter, banana and bacon
  36. 6777 Hollywood Blvd
  37. Ann Margaret
  38. 1968
  39. Dee
  40. Delores Hart
  41. His grandmother, Minnie Mae
  42. 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard
  43. 600,000
  44. various dog leashes and collars of Elvis’s dogs.
  45. Grace Toof, the original owners aunt.
  46. SO, IF YOU FIND THAT ANY OF OUR ANSWERS ARE IN ERROR, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, SEND US A EMAIL AND LET US KNOW.  BECAUSE WE ARE DIE HARD ELVIS FANS TOO.                                                                                           

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