Drink that wine, but don't throw away the Cork!

  • Posted on: 1 November 2016
  • By: Gina

What can we do with those corks after the wines gone?    Lots!!!!!!  This month, let’s make a wreath.

What do you need?  Well, I used a twig wreath as a base.  You can get that at a craft store, price depends on what size you want.  Usually about $5 for a medium one.  Then you need some glue (I used a hot glue gun…again, they are at the craft store and not expensive.)  Then you can add whatever ornamental froo froo stuff you want to go with the corks.  I chose some beautiful little plastic grapes and some burlap ribbon.

Begin by deciding where you want the different corks to go.  I like making certain I don’t put too many of the same name together, and I like to throw in a champagne cork here and there.  Then just start gluing.  You can put your ribbon, or whatever, in the design whenever you want.

You can make your wreath a “theme”.  I have a lot of different corks in my collection (no, I don’t drink that much wine!  I have friends and relatives who save corks for me, and occasionally I will buy a box load of them at estate or garage sales.)  Anyway, back to the idea of a “theme wreath”.  There’s Italian wine, French wine, California wine, then there are labels that are Cowboy themed, Beach themed, Animal themed, Flower themed wine, and on and on.  And you can always find some trinket or ribbon or whatever to go with that theme.

Then, just decide where you want to hang your masterpiece.

Don’t want to go to all the trouble of making it yourself?......go to our “For Sale” page and you just might find one already done just the way you want!!!  And if you don’t find what you want…. drop us an email and ask…we might be working on just what you want…or if we can make it special for you…. we will.


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