Don’t Get Scammed Out of Your Money!!!!!!!

  • Posted on: 12 May 2017
  • By: Gina

Credit card scammers. They are getting smarter and smarter with each passing day. They come up with new ways to get your credit card info all the time, and now they have a small device called a credit card skimmer which can grab the data off the card's magnetic stripe" when you insert your credit card into one of them. Now of course you wouldn’t knowingly insert your card into their skimmer, but that’s the horror of it….you won’t know your doing it!! The skimmers are most often just attached to real ATMs, gas pumps, and payment devices, and they’re made to look like part of the machine. And some even have cameras so that they can record your PIN NUMBER. This can lead them straight to your bank account, which can soon be empty!!!!! What to do? Grasp the slot where you would put your card and wiggle it vigorously. Sometimes these skimmers will just come right off in your hand! If not, but you are suspicious….run! Go somewhere else for that gas, cash or whatever.

Oh, then there’s the PHONE SOLICITORS! Lord, save us. How in blazes do they get our numbers? By all those other things you’ve bought with your cards, or signed onto on the internet, etc. Companies buy and sell your phone numbers all the time. And these solicitors are like Snake Charmers….trained to get you to do whatever it is they want you to do so that they can get at your money! Free vacations, free products, loans, investments, charity, contests, discounts, you name it, they will try to sell you on it. But don’t fall for it. Instead, register your phones with the National Do Not Call Registry 1-888-382=1222. It won’t stop all the calls, but it will stop a lot of them. And if you have been a victim, report it as Telephone Fraud with the Federal Trade Commission 1-877-382-4357.

And watch out for those Bank and Investment Scams. They can be the worst. Fake Checks… watch your bank statements carefully. Maybe you didn’t write that $450 check. Emails, supposedly from your bank that ask you to verify your bank account number. Don’t click on it. If it’s your bank, they know your account number, and if they don’t move your money. Automatic withdrawals. Did you approve it? Be careful, there are companies out there that can set up an automatic withdrawal from your account that you didn’t approve. And don’t cash those checks that you got in the mail that you have no idea why you got it. Investigate first. You may be buying something you didn’t know you were buying.

And how many of you have had a call from the IRS telling you that if you don’t respond today, you are in violation and may be charged interest, or worse, have an arrest warrant issued on you? I have received those calls, several times. That’s nothing more than playing on your fears, because no one wants trouble from the IRS. So don’t fall for it. Contact the IRS if you question the call. The IRS always contacts you buy letter first. And they don’t insist you pay with a prepaid debit card, a cashier’s check or a bank wire.

It’s a sad situation, but not all calls you receive claiming to be Charities are Charities. They can be fake organizations who have chosen a name similar to real Charity organizations using words like Children, Saint, Cancer, etc. Check them out with the Better Business Bureau before giving them $1.

I know, I know. This is horrible. Who can you trust, right? The answer………YOURSELF. Just be aware and be careful. Because there’s more:

Want to go to a concert? Your favorite performer is in town. Be Careful. Know who you’re buying that ticket from. You don’t want to get to the entry gate and be told your ticket isn’t legitimate. Buy your ticket from authorized brokers. Can’t get one there, beware those online classifieds and third party vendors. Stay away from the ones that charge excessive fees. Research their names and email addresses by looking into fraud, scams, fake tickets. And if you really, really need to buy your ticket from them, use a credit card that will allow you to stop the payment or at least dispute it if your ticket turns out to be no good.

Calls from Nigeria….or some other far off place. No, no, no. Hang up. Now. They want you to go to your bank, send them $500. (as a good faith gesture) so that they can turnaround and return it to you along with several thousand dollars. Yes, right. Really? They tell you they can’t bring enough money into the U.S. when they travel, so they will send it to you and give you a fee for accepting it for them. Problem is, they take your $500 and never send you a cent. So, all we can say is be very, very careful.

It can be really scarey out there where your money is concerned. You worked hard for it….don’t let someone else take it away from you. If you suspect anything is amiss, report it to the proper authorities immediately.

Liz and I here at Happy Clutter hope this article helps you all hang onto your money.

Ciao, Gina

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