Decorating With Time

  • Posted on: 29 August 2016
  • By: Liz

You will need to go to your local hobby craft store, or you could go to a junk thrift store as well to look for some of the items you need.  The scrapbook section and card making section is a good place to start for the the watch faces.  There are a wide variety of clock faces there, some paper, some metal, some even wood. 

You will also need to pick up one, maybe two pieces of wood dowel.  You can find those at the hobby store, or even at your Home Depot or Lowes.  A wood stand will be needed as well to put the wood dowels into once you have them cut to length.  I know that JoAnns, Michaels and even Hobby Lobby have a variety of wood stands to choose from, in both different size and shape.

To finish off your supply list you will need a glass dome to cover your clock face collection.  We have seen the glass domes at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, but if you don't have a either of those stores near your, you can always shop on line for a glass dome.

Just a few supplies to finish this off:  paint for the dowels and stand, glue for the back of the clock face and to put in the hole in the base so those dowels don't go anywhere.

The clock faces you will need can be found in junk stores, thrift stores, garage sales.  You can find clocks that are not working, or pretty dinged up to just get the clock front.

This is a pretty simple craft, to jazz up a table center or a sofa table or end table, it's an eclectic arragement that will have people talking about where you got all those clock faces.


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