Days Are Flying Past

  • Posted on: 7 February 2017
  • By: Liz

February is our 'short' month, we lose too many days and so the month seems to go faster than any other. 

At only seven days in, we have already used one weekend.  The hubby and I used our weekend to take the grandson to The World's Greatest Hobby on Tour.  Two and half hours wandering around the Phoenix Convention Center looking at trains.  Trains in boxes, trains on tracks, trains on material, shirts and hats.  We saw train hobby clubs with their huge set ups, weaving around large square circles.  Engines pulling fifty or more cars, that wrapped around half of a display.  There was a vintage monorail set up.  Apparently the plastic monorails are not the bomb as my grandson thought, as these vintage sets were made of metal and dated back to the 1960's.  We were told there was over $2000 worth of track and train traveling those metal tracks.

After we managed to pull the reluctant child from his place of bliss, we headed to his sister's 7th birthday party at of all places a bowling alley, video, food and pool arcade.  If the Convention Center seemed a bit noisy, it had nothing on the noise from a video arcade.  Lunch, cake and games later we headed home.

Sunday was errands and the Super Bowl, nope, no cooking for ol' Liz, the daughter did it all and Liz visited with the Grandkids and watched the big game.  As with many, we all were rooting for the Falcons, darn, they lost!!

Gina had a productive weekend.  Her and her hubby thought they just might want an RV to travel the open roads on.  They spend their days looking at motor homes and after long searches, finding what they considered the 'right' one, made a major decision.  They will rent one and see if it really fits their needs and if the Hubby really wants to drive one.

Gina and her hubby spend Sunday watching the big game too, only they were rooting for the Patriots, who did of course win, that is for all of you who live on the moon and do not have TV recepition there.

There are three weekends left.  Gina plans on renting that motor home to preview on one weekend, the hubby and I are planning on a San Diego trip here this month.  The other two are surely filled with household chores, errands and I know for the hubby at my house, traveling back to DC for his monthly 2 weeker.

With Valentine's Day a week away, we've made some cute brownie bites using a silcone tray that are heart shaped.  So quick and easy with a box recipe.  Gina has some cupcakes she designed and she'll showcase those.  We have a bit of easy peasy chocolates to make using silcone trays as well. 

Remember that Valentine's Day is the biggest ... out to dinner ... nights of the year, make those reservations early if you want to eat before work on Wednesday morning.  It doesn't matter how you get to your sweetheart, by bus, train, subway or car,  take her or him a pizza, some flowers or just yourself to wrap them up in a big hug.

I ordered some new sign stencils, I have plenty of wood blocks and ornaments to work on, I just need to get all the tax paperwork and Happy Clutter paperwork in order to keep the ol' desk clear for crafting.

Enjoy Valentine's Day with that sweetheart and we'll see you next Thursday.


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