Crafter of the Month - Antonia Bracci

  • Posted on: 29 May 2017
  • By: Gina

Antonia Bracci is a new jewelry designer to the world of fashion.  Where other designers concentrate on high end very expensive materials, Antonia tries to design and create for those of us who are not filthy rich.  Yet her designs are a variety of achievement. 

In the mood for those jeans and cowboy boots......               Antonia has the jewelry for you.  Antiqued brass beads              and Indian design Eagles, paired with beautiful deep blue torquoise colored glass beads and a gorgeous veined slab          of Turquoise rock.  What better way to say "Southwest"            and jazz up that outfit?  You will be the hit of the day,                 the jewel of the event, and the envy of every one that  sets      eyes on your style.


 And how about shorts and a tee shirt?   Going on a picnic?  Or maybe a jaunt downtown for a burger, fries and a shake?  Maybe it's the day for lunch with the girls and a bit of casual shopping.  whichever it is, it's a good bet you can find a piece of jewelry in Antonia's collection that will make that outfit pop!    Like this little number in the picture.  Turquoise translucent beads and a little wishful thinking medallion that says it all.

Can't get more fun than that!


Now perhaps it's time to pair a little bit of stylish antique with something with a  modern touch?  Maybe a beautiful piece of antique sterling  jazzed up with a modern twist to wear with that little black dress or blouse?  Or to a semi formal dinner?  And to top it  all off....   it's a one of a kind, so you won't see it on anyone else, and everyone will want to know where you got it. And yet this is a piece you can wear dressed up, or dressed down.  It's simple yet elegant, fun yet sophisticated.


And now, what does Antonia have to say?   

"I have always loved to create.  I've painted, oils, watercolors, acrylics.  I've carved.  I've designed scrap book pages.  I've designed greeting cards.  I've dabbled with clay.  Name it, I've probably tried my hand at it.  But I have always wanted to design jewelry.   I guess I get this creative side from my father.  He was always drawing.  It didn't matter what was going on, my dad was always doodling on a piece of paper, a  napkin, the back of an envelope.   Anything he had at hand.  And when he wasn't doodling, he was carving.   And his carvings were so joyful.  I guess most critics would label his carvings as a primitive folk art style.  To me, they were just fun, beautiful, and imaginative.

My father always encouraged me to try anything I wanted to do.  And with my jewelry, I fell in love with another art form.  I'm still new to this world of jewelry, but I am constantly trying to improve and widen my horizons, experimenting with new stones, new metals, new designs.

I just hope there are those out there who like what I do, because I do it all with them in mind."

I grew up in California, but my family is from a small village in the region of Piedmont, Italy.  Family there still works their vineyards and makes their own wine, just as my wonderful paternal grandfather did for years after bringing his family to the United States.  I have many fond memories of my family, though my grandparents and many of my aunts and uncles are gone now.  Some of my fondest memories are of my grandfather,  "Papa", tossing me into his huge wine vat to stomp the grapes, and playing hide and seek with me in his vast garden, myher favorite hiding place being within the poles holding up the sweet pea vines that bordered the vegetable garden....and then their was my Nonna, who cooked Sunday dinners for the entire famly...giant bowls of pasta, gnocchi, salads, homemade bread, huge pots of boiling oil laced with garlic and onion for dipping breads, and of course drink was always Papa's wine.

I reside in the desert of the Southwest now with super wonderful husband and darling animals.  When no house guests come visiting, no friends come to help enjoy the patio and pool with a glass of vino, and no family and friends gather for dinner, I spend a good part of every day working in my studio...whether it be on designing or making new jewelry, oil painting, working on a new craft idea, or planning my next trip to Italy.

Unless my husband wants to "ride the desert" in his sports car.   Then we are off together to enjoy the timeless beauty of Arizona, and while doing that, I am always looking at the many changing landscapes of the desert to inspire my art, whether it be on canvas, a piece of jewelry, or whatever pops into my mind.

From Happy Clutter:  You can purchase many of Antonia's beautiful pieces on Happy Clutter's Etsy Store.


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