Columns To Die For

  • Posted on: 13 July 2016
  • By: Liz

Always drooled over those columns in mansions, or those fabulous model homes you’ve toured?  Why not have some of your own?  Can’t afford real marble?  Poo, who needs it?  Did you know that many of those old antebellum mansions in the southern states didn’t import real marble or fancy wood?  Fireplaces, columns, doors, crown molding, base molding…..many, many of those accents were faux painted!!!
So if they could do it….so can you!


Here’s what you need:
*Three plus different colors of Paint, water based in any color you want (you don’t need to buy the expensive faux paint.  Just buy regular wall paint, flat or satin, it doesn’t matter.  It’s whatever you want.)
*Gloss or varnish.  Spray or paint on, your choice.  Spray goes on more evenly with no brush marks, but if you’re columns are already installed that could be kind of messy in your house.
*A sponge.  Again, forget the expensive faux paint sponges. You can buy big “Sea” sponges at your local Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, or even Hobby Lobby.
*A couple of rags.
*A big bowl of water.
*Two medium size soft bristled paint brushes, and two artists very thin and soft bristled paint brushes.

Now get started:
Step One:    Paint the “base” color of paint on your entire column base and crown.  Let dry.
Step Two:    With regular paint brush, dab darkest paint lightly in a few different places on the column, then quickly dab at that with sponge or dry cloth.  Do this to the entire column.
Step Three:  With artists thin brush start making your “crack” lines stemming from those light dabs you did in step two.  Blur them a bit with your rag or sponge so they look natural.


Step Four:   Now apply your lighter accent color.  Dab some on those darker dabs you did in Step two, then sponge or rag them to a faint look.  Paint some accent lines along your darker lines, and again sponge or rag them to a fainter look.  
Keep doing these steps repeatedly until you get the effect you’re after.  

When done….paint the base and columns any way you want, then varnish the whole thing.
And you’ve got that elegant look you were pining for.



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