Clothes Sprinkler

  • Posted on: 2 August 2016
  • By: Gina

How many of you have ever seen a clothes sprinkler?   Well, I grew up around this little guy.  Every Saturday my mom would bring out her basket of clean clothes that had dried on the clothes line (she refused to have a clothes drier because she loved the “fresh” smell the air gave our clothes)….she’d pull her ironing board out of the wall…yes, I said out of the wall…in the kitchen…and one by one she’d lay out a shirt, or a blouse…or whatever, and use this little guy (full of water) to sprinkle the clothes before she ironed them.

These clothes sprinklers were manufactured in the 1940’s and came in a variety of designs, including elephants and were a common household item in homes for many, many years.   He is now one of my most treasured items and resides lovingly on display, and in retirement, in my china cupboard.

What is he worth?  Perfect condition, correct sprinkler head....anywhere from $30 to $80.



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