Buried Bones by Carolyn Haines

  • Posted on: 24 January 2017
  • By: Gina

Here we go….book #2 on the adventures of Sarah Booth Delaney and her wacky friends. (In case you just tuned in……head for our Book Review Library and read the reviews on books 1 :Them Bones (and if you haven’t read it you are definitely missing out on a whole lot of good times.)

If you’re anything like me and you loved gothics, and especially southern gothics, mystery, laughs, spookiness, a touch of romance, and of course, a great heroine to take you through the story……you’ll love Sara Booth Delaney and her cohorts. Especially Jitty…. Sarah Booths great, great grandmother’s nanny who regularly haunts the Delaney ancestral plantation and is dead (no pun intended) set on Sarah Booth getting married and having babies…especially since Sarah Booth is already over thirty!


Then there’s Tinkie, Sarah Booth’s best friend and partner in the Delaney Detective Agency. A pampered daddy’s girl and shiek Southern Belle who can turn into one little spitfire of bravery and determination when needed. Now it seems, one of Sarah Booth’s old school friends has confessed to murdering her husband. That’s bad enough, but she wants Sarah Booth to help her dig up enough evidence on her scoundrel of a deceased husband to justify having killed him.

Kemper Fuquar had been a dashing and handsome figure, especially when on horseback…riding like Zorro across his wife’s horse breeding farm. But most folks in Zinnia, Mississippi considered his entirely worthless….though they’d never admit it to his face. And now he’s dead, struck over the head with a pair of horse nail nippers, then trampled until unrecognizable by a terrified stallion. But even though Eulalee McBride Fuquar insists she killed him, begs Sarah Booth to help her prove he deserved to die and take care of her rebellious teenager while Eulalee is in jail, Sarah Booth knows her friend is lying. Things just don’t add up. In spite of the things Eulalee tells her about Kemper, which are distressing enough, like his penchant for beating her, and his hateful abuse of his daughter, Sarah Booth knows there are too many others who would also have loved to hang Kemper by his toes and watch him die….like his own daughter, so full of hatred for her father it shines in her eyes….like the horse trainer who arouses lust in the town’s women…and maybe even Eulalee.

All the while Sarah Booth and Tinkie are trying to figure out the puzzle of why Eulalee is lying, and who really killed Kemper…..a killer is preparing to strike again. And Sarah Booth just might be in his way!

So, build that fire in your fireplace, grab a cup of coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate, or maybe a glass of wine or a moscow moose is more your style...whatever, grab it, cuddle up with the cat or dog, and delve back into the wacky world of Sarah Booth Delaney.  You'll laugh at her antics, bite your nails as she walks straight into danger, cry with her when her personal life takes a hit...again, and just have yourself a rip roaring good time page after page.




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