BLOODROOT by Susan Wittig Albert

  • Posted on: 27 September 2017
  • By: Gina

Do you love to toil in the garden?  Do you love to use herbs in your cooking?  Do you love a good mystery?  How about with a feisty heroine?........Say no more.  Instead, read Bloodroot.

***A frantic phone call from her mother finally brings China back to Jordan's Crossing, the ancestral family plantation in Mississippi.  But upon her arrival China Bayles quickly finds the air around the old place thick with fear, and instinctively she knows something has gone desperately wrong at Jordan's Crossing.

Her great aunt, the family matriarch, is gravely ill, but beyond that, an old property deed has come to light, and the man who uncovered it has mysteriously vanished.  Some might consider that a good thing, but China knows it's not.  The fates and fortunes of two very different families have begun to collide in very frightening and unpredictable ways, and China finds she must face some very disturbing new questions about her family's past, questions whose answers could determine changes in her own future.

Her family's legacy of silence is about to be broken, and the past will finally speak out.***

And, a bit to get you going:

"There might not be a next year.  Aunt Tullie's sick.  And there are...well, complications."

Ruby cocked her head, curious.  "What kind of complications?"\

......I think it's got something to do with Uncle Jed."

"Who is Uncle Jed?"

"Who was Uncle Jed," I amended.

Ruby's orange eyebrows went up.  "Uncle Jed isn't around any longer?"

"Yes and no," I said.  "He's a ghost.  At least.........that's what people say he is.  You cant prove it by me."  Which isn't exactly true, I thought, remembering a little uneasily the shadow like smoke twisting in a moonlit corner of my bedroom at Jordan's Crossing, when I was five or six.  I might have been dreaming, of course, but I don't think so.  I had seen Uncle Jed's smoky shape as clearly as...a few years later...I had seen Qunt Tullie and the witch woman and the skeletal hand reaching up out of the earth."

An old plantation, spooky goings on, trickery, deception, lies and secrets, a feisty heroine, gardening and herb secrets, and one heck of a good story.  What more could you ask for?  And it's all here, in Bloodroot.  Book form, or Audio.  Just waiting for you!



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